The Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Series Of All Time High Ranked!

Most Watched Netflix Series: On January 1, 2022, Netflix will have been available for 15 years. Millions of Americans still don’t have access to broadband internet. Still, somehow everyone knows what Netflix & Chill means, who their favorite Stranger Things characters are, and is watching Squid Game, even though the world wasn’t ready for what streaming television meant then.

Since its worldwide debut on September 17, the TV show that was predicted to become the most excellent Netflix show ever has reportedly reached 142 million homes, shattering records and making money while becoming a massive viral sensation. Though this isn’t shocking information, considering the ferocity of the competition, it is remarkable that the Squid Game has been generating so much buzz after only a month.

Netflix used to be quite discreet about its audience counts, especially for its original content. While developments in this area continue, rest assured that Netflix will stand by any number they publicly declare, regardless of how those numbers are calculated. To put it another way, we can only go by the numbers Netflix releases when they release them when trying to determine where Squid Game stands compared to other series.

We’re looking at everything that goes into these numbers, and Netflix even reveals which season of each series hit the target. Netflix said earlier this year that it was switching how it counts how many times people watch its series and movies. Instead of the company’s traditional core criterion of at least two minutes of watch time registering as a “household view,” the data will reflect the total viewing hours. The streamer has also promised to provide weekly updates on their viewership numbers.


Here’s A Look At The 10 Most-Watched Netflix Series

10. You (Season 2)

You are one of those shows that naturally sparks online debate (and memes). After a lackluster reception in its September 2018 Lifetime premiere, the show found a permanent home, a large fan base, and international popularity on Netflix. With his brilliant portrayal of Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley shot to fame and became one of Netflix’s most recognizable actors.

In Season 2, Goldberg relocated to the West Coast, where he met Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), his new obsessive love interest, and Ellie Alves, his new neighbor, and friend (Jenna Ortega). Midway through Season 2, the show took a dramatic turn, with fans tuning in for a combined 457 million hours.

Goldberg may be one of the most ambiguous characters we’ve ever seen on television; he may also be one of the most terrifying. Over the top, as it may be, the show’s tension, drama, and thrills keep viewers coming back for more, making it one of Netflix’s most talked-about and viewed shows.

9. You (Season 3)

Those who follow You have unwavering allegiance. Since the release of the third season of the Netflix psychological thriller in October, the streaming service has seen an increase of 468 million viewers. Fans were interested in Joe Goldberg’s transformation into a family guy and father, as well as the impact of his marriage to the similarly ruthless Love.

The third season brought the anarchy viewers have come to anticipate from the show. Season 4 of the show, based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes, is fast approaching, so it will be interesting to see how many viewers are willing to devote even more time to their televisions to discover what Goldberg does next. Apart from this, you may also read Take a look at best movies on Netflix.

8. Maid

You know a Netflix original series is widespread when one of your parents calls to tell you about it. Many people tuned in to Maid, a Netflix limited series about a single mother, Alex (Margaret Qualley), who cleans houses to make ends meet while she tries to give her daughter, Maddy, a better life than she had growing up.

Based on Stephanie Land’s book Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, this series depicts, episode by episode, how difficult it is for a woman to leave an abusive relationship when she lacks the resources and support of her family and friends.

As the show brings attention to the plight of underpaid workers in poverty in the United States, it appears to have struck a chord with its viewers. One of the most surprising hits for the streaming service, the 10-episode series, has been watched for 469 million hours since its release in October.

7. 13 Reasons Why (Season 1)

Based on a novel by Jay Asher, the 2017 series 13 Reasons Why, which Selena Gomez executive produced, became an instant hit. Hannah Baker, played by series newcomer Katherine Langford, commits herself as a result of being bullied and oppressed by her fellow high school students. When her friend Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) discovers a box on his doorstep two weeks after Hannah’s sad death, the story begins to unfold.

Inside the box, Clay discovers a recording Hannah recorded in which she explains the 13 reasons why she decided to take her own life. Featuring a complex plot and surprising surprises at every turn, this show has had viewers of all ages (476 million hours) riveted to their TVs. Since it was aimed at a young demographic, the teen drama was widely panned for its violent representations of suicide and sexual assault, with some viewers claiming it glorified the act.

6. 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

Many people still watched the second season despite the show’s considerable criticism in the first. Season 2 was observed for 496,000,000 hours, which is 20,000,000 higher than Season 1. To prepare viewers for the show’s graphic material, Netflix added a warning trailer about the sensitive subjects they explore before the first episode.

The video features cast members discouraging viewers dealing with issues like sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, or substance misuse from watching the show alone or without an adult present. The second season of the critically acclaimed show continued to examine how Hannah’s death affected her classmates as they dealt with their tragedies. After then, two more seasons were added to the show’s run. You may also read another related article The best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now

5. The Witcher (Season 1)

A lot was riding on this show since it was based on a novel series that had also generated a successful computer game series. In addition to attracting a preexisting audience, the series also snatched Superman away from the comics by casting Henry Cavill as the villainous “witcher.”

It’s possible that The Witcher also rode the Game of Thrones regret wave, as it provided fans with an experience close enough to the popular HBO series to satisfy their craving for more of the same. Season 2 of The Witcher will premiere on Netflix on December 17, and a third season is already in the works. This might lead to a renaissance for the series, at least in terms of audience.

4. Stranger Things 3

The inclusion of Stranger Things 3 on this list can be attributed to hype. After a lengthy hiatus, Stranger Things returned to Netflix for a second season in October 2017. The series is widely regarded as one of the network’s highest-quality original productions, so expectations were high.

As a season, it was successful, but who watched it? Those people were die-hard fans; in 2022, when Stranger Things returns for its fourth season, we’ll find out just how prepared they are.

3. Money Heist (Part 3)

You can count Money Heist among those IYKYK shows. Money Heist, one of the best examples of proper word of mouth, has received praise worldwide for its intricate plot, rich storytelling, and peak dramatics. In the same way that individuals in the United States will watch foreign programs like Squid Game if there is enough buzz about it, many Americans will watch anything if there is enough hype.

Stranger Things began one way, and then you started hearing from other individuals that you were missing out on a great program. If you’re joining us, you can be sure there will always be enough Money Heist to go around.

2. Bridgerton (Season 1)

As the holiday season is when most people are home due to COVID-19, it makes sense that Netflix would unleash this period drama on the masses at this time. Not many people saw coming the series that catapulted Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor to the forefront of Hollywood’s newcomers.

Furthermore, period pieces rarely receive this much acclaim, demonstrating that taking risks may pay off so long as the story is worthwhile. Things had gotten so terrible that the news that Page wouldn’t be back for Season 2 caused a massive uproar among fans. Tell that to the timeline, which is useless information when trying to follow an established tale.

1. Squid Game (Season 1)

Squid Game is the sole remaining installment in the series that revived this debate. While these figures typically only include the first four weeks of a show’s run, Squid Game has seen its popularity explode in that short amount of time. TikTok and the rest of the internet were flooded with viral challenges and memes after the app received widespread praise.

The series that caused a shortage of white slip-on Vans has become the first Korean show to top Netflix’s global most-viewed chart, with 111 million people tuning in within the first 17 days of the show’s availability, and has the entire globe talking (with that number jumping to 142 million 11 days later).

There’s a chance no other series will ever be able to top Squid Game. This kind of chaos rarely occurs. Don’t count out Squid Game as the current champ just yet.

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