Most Popular Mobile Games 2022: The Best Sports In 2022?

Even under the best of circumstances, compiling a definitive list of the top mobile games is a difficult and, some might say, foolish task. We’re talking about a process that spans more than a dozen years and involves tens of thousands of games distributed across iOS and Android.

We have therefore chosen to tackle this from a straightforward, though perhaps improbable, premise. Which of the top mobile games would you recommend it install first if an alien were to land tomorrow and request a crash course in gaming? We’re not necessarily looking for obscure gems or even run-away hits with such a unique filter applied. We’re examining those significant, genre-defining titles that have contributed significantly to the development of mobile gaming. A true greatest hits collection of the Google Play and App Store.

We only require that the game be current and enjoyable to play right now. Additionally, we’re only going to include one game in each series, so often (but not always) the first installment will be chosen above the strongest one. Let’s get started with our ranking of the top mobile games.


What Is The Most Popular Mobile Game In 2022?

Combined iOS and Android: top 50 mobile games of 2022 so far
Rank Game The Combined score for iOS & Android
1 Roblox 340
2 Candy Crush Saga 302
3 Coin Master 267
4 Fishdom 242

The Best Mobile Games

Shadow Legends Raid

It’s simple for seasoned gamers to develop some cynicism toward RPGs. The 800-lb gorilla of this particular loved-and-hated subgenre is Raid: Shadow Legends and the plain fact is that a startlingly large amount of people seem to enjoy playing them. You truly can’t ignore it.

Who Is The Most Famous Legend?

With dazzling 3D graphics and screen-filling fireworks following every PVE campaign quest or PVP Arena brawl, it is indeed very impossible to ignore a game that looks this amazing. Puzzle and survival games on mobile are the best. The tile-based grid can be seen beneath a character as she performs a special attack on a zombie in a screenshot.

Logic Games & Survival

Puzzles & Survival puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but instead of the typical zombie game gameplay, you move tiles around to defend yourself from the zombie brain-eaters, giving your actions more meaning than in some of the more abstract puzzle games out there.

Because it uses a similar formula to Puzzles & Dragons, if you’ve ever played that game, you’ll be familiar with how this one plays. As you progress through the levels, which include matching tiles to generate strong attacks against the undead, you unlock new characters, venture into riskier areas, and level up your squad as you go. Hero Wars is the best smartphone game. The image depicts a group of heroes engaged in combat with another group of heroes who are shielded by blazing chariots.

Star Wars

Hero Wars is a game that you may have already heard of because of how frequently it appears in advertisements. Unfortunately, they also give a very inaccurate impression of Hero Wars because they only display a very little portion of it in the sliding doors puzzle game they show. Despite that, the actual gameplay in this game is still enjoyable.

The game follows a formula that many players on mobile devices will be accustomed to: it revolves around assembling a squad of heroes and watching them progress through dungeons. If they’re not up to the task, you’ll need to grind and improve them or try to unlock other heroes who may be more suitable for the task.

It’s a game that’s quite simple to become engrossed in, and those who play it will quickly discover that it has ingrained itself into their daily routine. Mafia City is among the top mobile games. The image depicts a man exclaiming, “No! My lovely mustang,” while smoking a cigarette and wearing a sharp suit.

Inferno City

We anticipate that many readers have already heard about Mafia City as a result of the aggressive marketing push that has been behind it. It’s a game we’d like to suggest because it combines strategic gameplay in a distinctive way with a plot about becoming a new mafia leader.

This strategy game, which is very awesome, has you managing a crime syndicate in a contemporary metropolis, unlike many others that take place in historical or fantastical settings. You acquire additional resources and opportunities to train new sorts of units when you choose which structures you wish to erect. Then you decide whether you want to play competitively and take out other players who go in your way, or if you want to play peacefully with pals so that you may both assist each other and expand your empires.

Impact Of Genshin

Genshin Impact, with its well-known anime-infused fantasy universe and action-RPG elements, wears its The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild influence very blatantly. Because it executes the formula so flawlessly and does it in the form of a free-to-play mobile game, you’ll be able to overlook the blatant homage act. which is just remarkable. Elvenar is one of the top mobile games. An isometric view of a fantasy city is seen in the image.


Do you want to play a new free-to-play game on your commute? Interested in city-building and strategy? You’re going to like Elvenar, a boy oh boy. You are in charge of growing a variety of lovely cities in this fantasy game, each of which adheres to a stunning fantasy aesthetic.

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