More than 30 playable demos will be available at the Xbox Summer Game Fest event.

Microsoft has announced an ID@Xbox event as part of Summer Game Fest, which will see over 30 playable pre-release Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S demos made accessible next week. ID@Xbox’s third Summer Game Fest will take place from Tuesday, June 21 to Monday, June 27. During that week, you’ll be able to browse through the demos and test out certain games for yourself, with Microsoft urging people who do so to provide feedback to the creators.

“Hit them up on social media or via their websites,” says the Xbox Summer Game fest Wire post. “Tell them if you like the game!” They would also appreciate constructive criticism.” To moderate expectations, Microsoft emphasizes that the samples presented as part of the event are “not the standard.” While games added to the Demo channel are usually created after a game has been completed and thus are a fairly accurate representation of the final product, the demos available as part of the ID@Xbox event are more like show floor demos and are thus “not necessarily indicative of the final product.”

According to the article, several of the games featured are still in the early phases of production, with growth and refinement yet ahead of them, emphasizing the need for constructive criticism. After the event, the demonstrations will be withdrawn from the Xbox dashboard. While Microsoft has said that some may be re-published to the Demo channel later, “many will just vanish at the end of the week,” so it’s worth checking them out to ensure you don’t miss anything nice.

More than 30 playable demos will be available at the Xbox Summer Game

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What Games Can You Play?

While Microsoft has promised over 30 demonstrations, the entire list of titles has yet to be published. This, it claims, will be verified closer to the June 21 start date. It has, however, identified a handful ahead of time. There’s Batora: Lost Haven, which is billed as a “colorful” and “fast-paced adventure” in which a young girl who has lost everything must utilize her physical and mental talents to preserve the Earth. Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller set in a French beach town “somewhere beyond the flow of time.” Severed Steel promises “a slick stunt system, destructible voxel terrain, plenty of bullet time, a distinctive one-armed protagonist, and a dark electronic soundtrack” for FPS fans. Finally, there’s Tinykin, in which Milo must capture Tinykin and harness their abilities to return him to his home world.

That’s a rather diverse selection of games, and with lots more to come, there’s certain to be something for everyone. Playable demos may be a great way to balance out a stream-heavy event like Summer Game Fest. After hours of viewing games that won’t be out for a long, actually getting to check out a couple of them and interact with them grounds it all a bit more in reality. Furthermore, since input is essential to developers, everything comes full circle.

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