Miranda Derrick Age: Family Of The Star Claims She Has Been Kept As A Hostage

TikTok is a widely recognised video sharing platform and has a huge impact in the lives of people. People are becoming popular and famous through this platform. On such person who became well-known through this is Miranda Derrick. She is also a content creator, influencer and YouTuber. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Miranda Derrick Age.


Miranda Derrick Age

The Michigan native is 25 years old. After competing on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, the professional dancer shot to stardom. She has since collaborated with such A-listers as Katy Perry, Flo Rida, and Kem. The 2013 film Oz: The Great and Powerful featured Miranda Derrick in a supporting role.

Dancer responds to reports that she is being kept prisoner. She said on Instagram that her sister Melanie had banned her from the TikTok account they shared, where the two of them had amassed over 3.1 million subscribers.

The Family Of TikTok Dancer Says That A Dance Cult Is Holding Her As A Hostage

Miranda Derrick, a popular star on TikTok, may be in the hands of a cult. Her sister Melanie Wilking broke the news to the world, saying that she had been in captivity since 2021.

Miranda Derrick Age
Miranda Derrick Age

Melanie and her family went on Instagram Live on Friday, when they revealed that Miranda is being held hostage by a company called 7M Films. They are a branch of the Pentecostal church, which adheres to the doctrine of the Seven Mountains Mandate. They take their name from Isaiah 2:2, which says that “a group of self-proclaimed ‘apostles’ have a plot rooted in biblical prophecy to ‘invade’ every sphere of life as we know it.”

The people who believe in 7M Films are very sure that education, family, religion, business, government, entertainment, and the media are all evil and should be gotten rid of. You may also go through Smokey Robinson Age.

Melanie Wilking claims that since being abducted by the group, her sister Miranda Derrick has lost all control over her social media accounts.

She also said she hadn’t heard from her relatives in a while since they had reported her now-husband to the police. Melanie also addressed the rumor that she was cut off from her family. Over at Instagram, she made the following statement: “I can speak for James and our friends who are in 7M that they DO speak to their families (so what you guys have heard about 7M dancers not speaking to their families is a complete lie). It’s just a unique situation with my family…” Vince Mattis AgePossibly of interest to you .

Her husband James Derrick allegedly made a similar Instagram post, in which he claimed that she had an unsupportive family. It was his words: “A white beautiful woman moving in with a poor Black man from Compton that the parents did not approve of. I get it. I was renting a room and had no car. I was a divorced man with a son.”

He added that he was able to “become successful in a matter of months” with the support of 7Films. Additionally, he elaborated on the following: “the organization is not a religious non-profit organization but a secular for-profit company run by people who have faith in god.” Have a look at Marc Anthony Age.

Who is James Derrick And How Long They Have Known Each Other?

James Derrick, better known by his stage name BDash, is a world-class dancer, choreographer, and social media sensation who has competed in the World of Dance and appeared on So You Think You Can Dance in 2015. He became an internet sensation after uploading mesmerising videos of his dance and choreography to the video-sharing apps Instagram and TikTok. You may also be interested in Ruby Stokes Age.

The happy couple has been engaged since August of 2021. Dancers, choreographers, and social media stars are all in the same line of work, so they often post cute and delicious photos and videos of themselves on their social media platforms. The happy couple has apparently exchanged wedding vows, although the date of the wedding is unknown.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Miranda Derrick Age. Among the many famous people she’s collaborated with, are Katy Perry, Flo Rida, and Kem. The 2013 film Oz: The Great and Powerful featured Miranda Derrick in a supporting role. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website talkxbox.com.

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