Minecraft: First Time Dream Meets Screaming Fans

Minecraft: The Minecraft star’s popularity skyrocketed throughout the epidemic. There’s a reason his videos get over 20 million views: he’s a true master of the game. Dream, a 23-year-old Minecraft celebrity, unveiled his identity to more than 50 million admirers on Tuesday. On Friday, he attended TwitchCon in San Diego to meet some of them in person.

To get a peek of and take pictures with the internet sensation, hundreds of his fans lined up and screamed his name. The reception proved too much for Dream, whose actual name is Clay but whose last name is unknown. When a moderator inquired as to his well-being, he responded positively. Then came the shrieks. “All I could say was ‘good.”

Even more screams. Shaking, he finally admitted. “We’re in love,” he said. There was no respite from the screams. The epidemic catapulted the Minecraft star to stardom. His videos, which frequently attract over 20 million views, show him mastering Microsoft Inc.’s best-selling computer game of all time, in which Lego-like characters can construct anything out of simple pieces.

In his most watched videos, Dream uses magic to create pathways through seemingly insurmountable brick walls, edging out a group of YouTube and Twitch streaming superstars. If he’s feeling creative, he’ll tinker with the game’s coding to make videos like “Minecraft, But Gravity Flips Every Minute,” or he’ll host his server where he and his buddies act out elaborate dramas.

In his first in-person interview, Dream told Bloomberg, “I feel like I’ve done all you can accomplish in that game.” Dream’s online identity consists of his voice, a Minecraft avatar, and a crooked grin. Dream’s obscurity and enormous popularity were out of the ordinary in the appearance-based digital attention economy. He likens himself to Spider-Man, who was anonymous while he wore his mask, and feels the experience was probably more beneficial than harmful.

Dream, who claims he resigned from his job at Apple Inc. with $20,000 saved, spent more time at home on his computer as his channel increased, working on content creation and management, editing videos, and playing video games. He explained his daily routine: “I’d wake up, use the computer, eat, use the computer some more, and then go to bed and maybe watch some TV or anything.”

His life was like that for three years while he tried to make it in the competitive media production business. To 12.5 million subscribers, he became YouTube’s “breakout” sensation in 2020. However, Dream’s rising stardom made it impossible to keep his public and private lives separate for very long. His voice and Orlando, Florida, were well-known to his devoted fan base.

That was enough to make him nervous that he’d be recognized. He declared, “I’m going to go to the dentist in a different state.” “I went to Georgia with my mum to see a movie and have supper for the first time in a long time.” The time for dreaming was spent watching the show. He says he hired a makeup artist and did everything he could to appear his best.

In a video titled “Hi, I’m Dream,” he introduces himself without the white smiley-face mask. The gorgeous young man with fluffy brown hair adds, “I feel so awkward talking to a camera for the first time!” Fans and detractors shared their immediate reactions to the video with hilarious memes, propelling it to the top of trending topics on all major social media platforms.

His followers were over the moon. Others who wanted in on the action analyzed everything from his jawline to the camera angle he was using. Twitter users were using the hashtag #HESUGLY in a widespread manner. He explains, “So many of my pals texted me, like, ‘Are you OK?'” When asked about my reaction, she said, “Well, absolutely; when you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million people will be making jokes about you, being cruel to you, or not being friendly.

When you start with a size pool, there is bound to be a share. Questions at his TwitchCon panel, “Dream & Friends: The Ultimate SMP Reunion,” ranged from the panelists’ preferred vegetables to their thoughts on specific “Breaking Bad” characters. The room could only hold 400 people, so many disappointed admirers had to be turned away.

Those queued up for a guaranteed entry brought memorials of handmade stuffed animals and letters. The phrase “I went to my room and started weeping” describes my emotional state well. He couldn’t control his emotions and felt a wave of them wash over him. In his words, the problem wasn’t the presence of too many people.

I’d never had happiness mixed with an overwhelming sense of “Wow, this is real. This is my life”. His mother was able to settle him down. Dream’s decision to show his face was driven by his eagerness to meet in person with people he had previously only known digitally.

The Internet sensation has many plans for his future. His work primarily focuses on video games, but he is enthusiastic about “incorporating gaming into real life.” On the airplane, he quipped he might be able to defeat Minecraft.

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