Minecraft YouTuber Jack Manifold Responds To “Misogynist” Claims!

Recently, Minecraft broadcaster Jack Manifold found himself embroiled in a scandal that can be considered rather serious. The YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster, who is only 19 years old, came under fire after a conversation that he and the content creator Mizkif had while they were both live on stream.

The topic of discussion was another well-known Minecraft broadcaster by the name of GeorgeNotFound, whose viewers tend to be young women and young men. Users on Twitch and Reddit took the debate extremely seriously, and a response from Jack was posted in response to it not too long ago.

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The dispute erupted after Mizkif used a video of Jack to promote one of his streams. Mizkif was referring to Minecraft broadcaster GeorgeNotFound’s young female viewers on YouTube and Twitch, who he described as “obsessed” with what he was watching. Mickie then asked Jack:

When Mizkif remarked that 15-year-old girls were obsessed with George, Jack responded with “Yes,” which practically meant that he agreed with Mizkif’s statement. This is what brought Jack into the dispute. The conversation continued with Mizkif asking Jack about his knowledge of Dream’s appearance and whether or not his recent ” incident was a hoax. Jack gave a response that he did not know although giving the impression that he was uneasy.

Minecraft YouTuber Jack Manifold Responds To "Misogynist" Claims!
Minecraft YouTuber Jack Manifold Responds To “Misogynist” Claims!

Another clip from a Twitch feed conducted by prominent Minecraft YouTuber Ph1LzA added fuel to the fire. At the time of the show, Ph1LzA was playing with another YouTuber named Wilbur Soot. In the video, Wilbur wonders out loud and asks Ph1LzA if he could tell him “anything that young ladies may be interested in without being made fun of.” Ph1LzA responds by saying that he is unsure what Wilbur means.

“Jack Manifold and Mizkif need to [sic] hear this one,” wrote one Twitter user in response to another’s posting of the video. Wilbur went into great detail about the current state of affairs, explaining why Jack was the target of such disparaging remarks.

Ph1LzA gave the impression of being quite flustered and did not respond to the inquiry. Wilbur, on the other hand, had more to say about the subject matter. He added that what he said about young girls was accurate and that it is both “sexist” and “unfair.” Wilbur went on to remark that the issue was one thing that irritated him about modern media:

When Mizkif accused Jack of being a misogynist in the Twitch stream, he apologized multiple times and insisted that the conversation was about demography. When Ph1LzA said that young girls have nothing they can be interested in without being mocked, Jack felt glad to have created a community where the aforementioned females could go and enjoy the streamer’s content without being made fun of. Jack went on to say:

After that, he went on to say that his views on the subject had been misconstrued, and people now believe that he is a misogynist because of them. He asserted that the rumors are the exact opposite of what he felt and meant and that audiences on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube were much different before the Dream SMP and stan culture came along. He claimed that the rumors are the exact opposite of what he felt and meant.

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