Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul – Take a look at some noteworthy stats

Age, height, and weight

Mike Tyson, 55, stands 5’10” tall. All through his professional boxing stint, Tyson competed in the heavyweight list and he always made more than 200 pounds easily. In spite of the fact that he has left boxing, ‘Iron’ Mike still keeps himself fit and active, thus maintaining a good shape.

Moving on, Logan Paul stands 6’2″ tall. The 26-year-old weighs more than 180-185 pounds. He easily makes this weight with the help of his lanky frame.

Reach and record

In his professional career, Tyson held 50 victories with only 6 losses. Besides, he has a decent reach of 71″ which in the end helped him immensely across all of his heavyweight fights.

On the other hand, Logan Paul holds a reach of 76″ and has 0 victories as a professional boxer. He debuted in the boxing world with a bout against fellow YouTuber KSI. Paul even re-matched the Brit in 2019 in a pro-bout but failed short to attain a victory.

Net worth

Mike Tyson holds a net worth of $10 million. On the other hand, Logan Paul has a massive net worth of $35 million.

Social media followers

Mike Tyson Instagram followers – 15.5mn.

Mike Tyson Twitter followers – 5.6mn.

Mike Tyson YouTube subscribers – 2.1mn.

Logan Paul Instagram followers – 21.3mn.

Logan Paul Twitter followers – 6.2mn.

Logan Paul YouTube subscribers – 23.2mn.

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