Midnight Fight Express Review (PS4) – A Savagely Innovative Fighter Without Parallel

A PS4 review of Midnight Fight Express is exactly what you would get if you married a number of Jason Statham action movies with the Hotline Miami games. It is a third-person roaming brawler with plenty of savagery. There is an explosive spontaneity to the fistic pursuits in Midnight Fight Express that feels blissfully empowering in a way that many games of a similar ilk simply haven’t been able to replicate, essentially casting the player as a murderous engine with dizzying freedom to hurt, maim, and outright murder your enemies.

In Midnight Fight Express, you play as Babyface, a former criminal who was persuaded to return to the world of violence by an enigmatic voice emanating from a drone that had just been dropped off at your flat. You are fighting against all obstacles to make it across the city before sunrise in order to stop a criminal takeover of the entire city while suffering from amnesia.

It’s the kind of environment that Midnight Fight Express uses to its advantage in its quest for unrelenting violence—low complexity and high nonsense. But neither I nor you are here for the narrative; instead, we are all here to see the nonstop barrage of violence that Midnight Fight Express unleashes at every opportunity.


Midnight Fight Express PS4 Review

Each of the game’s 41 levels, which are neatly divided up into a series of connected areas, feels like a Hollywood fight stage, with every aspect of the surrounding space feeling precisely calibrated for danger and causing your opponent the most terrible damage possible in the shortest amount of time.

Developer Jacob Dwinzel clearly understands both the finest roaming fighters like Batman Arkham and their movie counterparts like John Wick and The Raid. This is evident in the transitions between grapples, combinations, and evasions as well as the ability to roll and pick up weapons mid-roll.

In Midnight Fight Express, the battle is also very technical and practical. The core of Midnight Fight Express’ apparently endless challenge is in the variety of foes and how they are combined together, in addition to the aforementioned assortment of blows, grapples, counters, and takedowns. Simple goons may be easily dispatched with a basic set of strikes, while some foes use a combination of melee and weapons, while yet others can unleash unblockable attacks on our hero, necessitating a swift and brutal reaction.

Midnight Fight Express Release Date

Coming soon to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch comes Midnight Fight Express. On Day One, it becomes available on Xbox Game Pass. Midnight Fight Express Release Date: August 23, 2022.

Midnight Fight Express Gameplay

A harsh and aggressive brawler with a top-down, occasionally isometric camera angle is called Midnight Fight Express. You battle waves of enemies in this game just like you would in an action movie. Eric Jacobus, a motion artist, and stunt performer has captured every move you make as you punch, dodge, kick, counter, and deal finishers to numerous adversaries.

The player will have the opportunity to level up and gain power along the journey. The user may advance to new moves and create their own distinctive combat style by using a skill tree. Become the best hand-to-hand combatant by stringing together combinations. You may also rely on reliable weapons like knives, axes, shotguns, and explosives if things go difficult.

Midnight Fight Express Story

The plot of Midnight Fight Express is straightforward: around midnight, you enter the city and let your fists do all the talking. The night before a planned city takeover, fight crime as you take on a large criminal organization and emerge victorious before dawn.

What Is The Midnight Fight Express Storyline?

A mystery drone entices a former member of the criminal underworld back into “the life” by telling them they have till daylight to stop a criminal takeover of the entire city. You CAN discuss Midnight Fight Express, according to the first Midnight Fight Express rule! On the darkest night of the city, an unexpected hero appears.

About This Game

On the darkest night of the city, an unexpected hero appears. You are Babyface, a former criminal who was persuaded to return to “the life” by an enigmatic AI drone. Fight your way across the city before daylight and stop a joint criminal takeover of the entire city, which is your difficult goal.

Blockbuster Combat

Use every available resource, including the surroundings and street fighting techniques, to engage in a savage and hyperkinetic brawling ballet. Improve your skills to defeat the growing wave of idiots, cronies, and crime lords. Battle with waves of adversaries with the dexterity of an action-movie master in blockbuster combat. In fluid and visceral fighting using mo-cap animation created by motion artist and stunt performer Eric Jacobus, punch, dodge, counter, and kill foes. Any player may customize the difficulty level to suit their preferences.

Martial Expertise

Gain experience points, strength, and access to a huge skill tree to unleash a bewildering assortment of destructive fighting techniques. Create your own distinctive look and become an expert at outrageous mixes that leave thieves perplexed.

Assassin Arsenal

Use axes, sledgehammers, and knives to augment your melee attacks. Use a variety of firearms, grenades, and pistol fire. Make everything a weapon, even toilet plungers, and furniture. Utilize the urban environment around you to clean up the streets and score ever-more ridiculous takedowns.

The Clothes of A Street Warrior

Create a unique look for your character by unlocking a wide range of cosmetic options, from the incredibly sophisticated to the wildly extravagant. Make a lasting impression as you struggle to rescue the streets by unlocking more of the 150+ items of clothing available, equipping skins for you and your AI buddy Droney, and more.

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