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Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty Program for Bing AI Services

Microsoft announces Bing AI bug bounty

Microsoft announces Bing AI bug bounty

Microsoft has launched a new bug bounty program for security researchers who find vulnerabilities in its Bing AI services and integrations. The program offers rewards ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 for qualified submissions.


What Are the Bing AI Services?

The Bing AI services are the new, innovative, AI-powered features that enhance the Bing search experience. Some of these features include:

What Are the Bing AI Services?

Microsoft launched the bug bounty program to encourage security researchers from across the globe to discover and report vulnerabilities in the Bing AI services. The program aims to enhance the security and reliability of the AI-powered Bing experience and protect the privacy and data of its customers.

According to Lynn Miyashita, MSRC Bug Bounty Community-based Defense Security, “Partnering with security researchers through our bug bounty programs is an essential part of Microsoft’s holistic strategy to protect customers from security threats. We value our partnership with the global security research community and are excited to expand our scope to include the AI-powered Bing experience.”

How Can Security Researchers Participate in the Bug Bounty Program?

Security researchers who want to participate in the bug bounty program can submit their findings through the MSRC Researcher Portal. They need to select “Bing” in the “Products” section of the vulnerability submission and include the conversation ID in the “Details to reproduce” section. To retrieve the conversation ID, they need to enter “/id” as a chat command.

The vulnerability submissions must meet the following criteria to be eligible for bounty awards:

The bounty rewards are based on the severity and impact of the vulnerability, as well as the quality of the submission. The rewards range from $2,000 to $15,000 USD. Microsoft may accept or reject any submission at its sole discretion that it determines does not meet the above criteria.

Security researchers are also advised to create test accounts and test tenants for security testing and probing and follow the Research Rules of Engagement to avoid harm to customer data, privacy, and service availability. If in doubt, they can contact for clarification.

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