Metal Gear Solid 4 Couldn’t Accomplish What Assassin’s Creed Did, Which Upset Kojima!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Possibly the best action video game series ever made, Metal Gear is also one of the most perplexing. What distinguishes Solid, Naked, and Liquid Snakes? Describe Foxdie. Why is the American president engaged, too?

These are only a few issues raised by Hideo Kojima’s vast, messy, and frequently fabricated video game classics. Because of this, if the deliriously great reviews of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain drew you to the franchise, but you’re concerned that you won’t get anything, here’s what you need to know.

Aside from the most recent release, which we naturally believe to be the finest, we’ve also graded all the major titles for long-term quality.

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Metal Gear

Year: 1987
Format: MSX2 (now available on the PS2, PS3, 360, and PS Vita as a part of MGS3: Subsistence/HD)

The One In Which: Solid Snake, a special operations soldier, sneaks into Outer Heaven in search of missing agent Gray Fox. A doomsday nuclear-equipped tank called Metal Gear exists, and under the direction of his CO Big Boss over the radio, Snake learns about it and plots to destroy it. However, the enemy appears to be aware of his actions, and Big Boss begins acting strangely.

When Snake eventually takes off the Metal Gear, Big Boss emerges as the puppeteer. After the two engage in combat, Snake escapes the exploding complex. But during the credits, Big Boss promises to run into Solid Snake again.
Best moment: Big Boss orders the player to “TURN THE MSX OFF AT ONCE” in a frenzy about Snake’s victory.

Strangest part: Metal Gear was “ported” to the NES, although the process was utterly botched, removing several crucial elements (like the Metal Gear). Kojima openly rejects this iteration.
Still a game? Technology has advanced so quickly. Although Metal Gear is more of a historical artifact than a fantastic game, it was a huge accomplishment at the time.
Series position: 9

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Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid

Year: 1998

Formate: Playstation (also available on PC, PS3, and PS Vita) The one in which Metal Gear enters 3D. Combined with Kojima’s talent for imaginative set pieces and psychological manipulation of the player, the detailed surroundings and professional presentation set a new bar for action games.

In this new appearance, revolver Ocelot, Psycho Mantis, and Sniper Wolf are among the famous villains that Solid Snake faces up against with his sibling, Liquid Snake. Snake sneaks into Shadow Moses to free two hostages, but as they both pass away in his presence, he wonders if he’s the Foxdie bioweapon’s vector.

A new Metal Gear appears, coupled with its repentant developer Otacon. It is revealed that the cyborg ninja slaying Liquid’s soldiers are Gray Fox, who is kept alive by bio-mechanical engineering and finds redemption by being destroyed by Metal Gear Rex.

As required, Solid Snake kills Rex, socks Liquid in the fancy English jaw, escapes in a vehicle, and then strikes Liquid as he makes a dramatic comeback. Solid Snake makes it through and envisions a time without this insane crap. Would we not?

The best part: When Snake is imprisoned in Revolver Ocelot’s torture contraption, and he orders you to submit before you die because “there are no continues, my friend,”

Strangest Aspect: Probably the ability to admire Meryl while hiding beneath a ceiling vent. Then, when Psycho Mantis takes control of her mind and begins urging her to “make love to me, Snake,” you must knock her out. Still a game? MGS surprisingly endures well. The environment of Shadow Moses is still richly drawn and bright, and the stealth is fast-paced with apparent mechanics.
Series position: 4

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Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4

Year: 2008

Format: PS3 The one when Kojima created the game Solid Snake’s Back, as requested by fans. Also, Meryl the rest of the players from each game. Even while there is still a terrific game in MGS4, it is the lowest point in the series since it is buried beneath a sea of complicated and forced fanservice.

The fact that Solid Snake is an elderly guy is significant because “regular” soldiers are no longer needed in times of conflict. But this tough older man sneaks his way through, making up for several past wrongs before returning to Shadow Moses, the site of MGS, where he and Liquid Ocelot pilot the Metal Gears from the first two games.

Characters like Psycho Mantis, Eva from MGS3, and Meryl make brief cameos but only serve to lessen the impact of their original roles. After even more cutscenes, Solid and “Liquid” engage in a brilliant showdown in which they fight to the death. Big Boss reappears at the very end and declares, “I was never dead all that time after all,” before passing away.

The best part: The “octocamo” suit at the heart of MGS4’s stealth, which enables Snake to blend into surroundings like a chameleon, is a unique mechanical device and stunning in action.
Strangest part: After defeating the main bosses, they transform into sexy women who want to kill you with hugs and can be seduced into a photo mode.
Still a game? MGS4 contains excellent content if you skip through the cutscenes, but it also has some unnecessary parts and subpar moments. Years haven’t been kind to us in 7th place.

Kojima Was Upset Because Assassin’s Creed Accomplished What Metal Gear Solid 4 Failed To Do!

As Assassin’s Creed accomplished what Metal Gear Solid 4 at the time couldn’t, Kojima has admitted that he and the team felt “deficient” following its release. According to information from a recent DidYouKnowGaming(opens in new tab) episode, Kojima had lofty goals for Metal Gear Solid 4 that were essentially unachievable.

As the video reveals, when asked whether his original vision for the game was different from the finished version during a 2009 interview with source G4, Kojima responded as follows: “From the beginning, when we were still in the concept stage, to the finished product, there were differences. However, when we were in the middle of creation, we altered our vision and objectives after seeing the actual PS3 and its limitations.”

Adding to the conversation, Kojima says: “We first only knew about the machine from rumors, which claimed that we could do anything on it and that it was a monstrous machine. We had unrealistic expectations since we thought it was capable of anything.” The developer goes on: “However, when we saw the system, we realized that it had several restrictions and that there were some things we could and could not do. We thought too high; it wasn’t the PS3’s power.”

The film shows that Kojima initially wanted Metal Gear Solid’s landscapes to be enormous, “the size of Grand Theft Auto areas.” Still, as we already know, this wasn’t possible due to technology restrictions and Kojima’s managerial responsibilities taking up much of his time.

Unfortunately for Kojima and the rest of his team, Ubisoft’s now-iconic gaming franchise Assassin’s Creed was released just before Metal Gear Solid 4 was scheduled for release in 2008. The stealth game was able to do what Kojima set out to do with it: “I felt [Assassin’s Creed] was fantastic because it fully realized the fundamental idea that MGS4 had at the outset: how you could move throughout the world, climb anywhere, and run everywhere.”

The comment goes, “We gave up on this because it was simply too challenging, but when Assassin’s Creed was released, we realized that they had achieved what we had first intended. I must admit that for the following three days after it was released, both my employees and I were depressed.”

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