Masked Singer Season 8: Does It Seem Like Seasons Are Catching People’s Attention?

Masked Singer Season 8: The Masked Singer’s meteoric rise to fame on American TV seems to have happened yesterday. The eighth season of the well-liked Fox mystery singing competition The Masked Singer has just begun, and it has a brand-new concept that is guaranteed to rekindle interest in this unique reality series. To keep things exciting, there are also new masks, several cameo appearances by your favorite singers from prior seasons who were not disguised, and new theme evenings.

The Masked Singer distinguishes itself from other singing contests by including famous guests hidden in some of the most outrageous and unusual costumes you’ve ever seen. It’s up to the judges and the audience to figure out who is inside since their identities are concealed. Each week, votes are counted to determine who stays on the program and who gets eliminated. Read more to know about Masked Singer Season 8.

About Masked Singer Season 8

One of the most extravagant TV series is returned for the fall with all its sparkle and beauty. The eighth season of Fox’s The Masked Singer has a whole new cast of anonymous celebrity participants. Teyana Taylor, who played the Firefly in Season 7, was named the champion last spring. This season was full with shocks.

Last year’s competition had teams instead of wild card competitors. We’re excited to see what surprises Season 8 has in store. Warning! If you haven’t watched the most recent episodes of The Masked Singer, beware of spoilers. A number of unmaskings during “Vegas Night” made Week 2 exciting.

Behind their masks of Pi-Rat, Panther, and Hummingbird, respectively, comedian Jeff Dunham, musician Montell Jordan, and ex-NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick were all exposed. Under the current structure of the programme, which only permits one competitor to move on to the next round, we may anticipate seeing more multiple unmaskings each week. The Harp has thus far won two weeks in a row, thus the following performance will feature her.

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What Changes Has Season 8 Of The Masked Singer Made?

The Masked Singer’s season 8 structure, which switches to a King/Queen of the Hill model, will bring about a significant transformation. The new format consists of three rounds of three episodes, with the winner advancing to the semifinals. One of the three contestants is eliminated early on in each show, and the other two face off in a “Battle Royale” in which one of them is revealed and the other moves on. Each show may include three to four vocalists, and a brand-new rival will be veiled each week.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly(opens in new tab), executive producer Craig Plestis discussed the modifications. We learn who the king or queen is in the [first] three episodes. Another king or queen appears after three more episodes. A new king or queen appears after three more episodes. So, he added, “that is how we arrive at our three semifinal finalists.

Along with the costumes and stage designs, there will also be themed episodes that dictate the songs to be played on a certain night. It’s possible that all of this will provide indications about who the vocalists are who are hiding behind the masks. For the sake of the home viewers, Plestis added, “We’ve somewhat raised the stakes with these topics.” It aids you with the hint and the guessing games as well if it is a Vegas night or any other theme.

Who Are The Judges And Hosts For The Masked Singer Season 8?

In May, Deadline (link opens in new tab) published an article stating that The Masked Singer season 8 will have the same panel of judges as previous seasons. This includes celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Robin Thicke. It is anticipated that Nick Cannon will serve as the show’s host once again.

When Will Season 8 Of The Masked Singer Be Available?

The eighth season of The Masked Singer premiered on Wednesday, September 21, at 8 o’clock pm Eastern Time / Pacific Time. It is the show that airs before Lego Masters, which begins at 9 pm Eastern Time / 6 pm Pacific Time.

Who Won Season Seven Of The Masked Singer?

When the mysterious Firefly was revealed as the final performer of season 7, fans were excited. Teyana Taylor, a singer-songwriter, ultimately won the competition as Firefly after wowing the judges and the crowd with her stunning vocals. Taylor discussed the event and its significance to her during her winning speech.

Taylor stated, “It feels amazing to win this and it’s strange because I was so passionate from day one. I guess it’s because of my career in music and my being hesitant to come out of retirement and accomplish it. She also valued being able to take the stage again without “politics or judgment.”

Who Is In The Cast Of The Masked Singer Season 8?

Masked Singer Season 8

Of course, it would be pointless to reveal who will be hiding beneath the masks for Season 8! But since Tom Brady skipped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp, speculations have been circulating about him taking part. But he has subsequently denied being involved.

Let the rumors spread. Joel McHale and Leslie Jordan have both been set to return as this season’s celebrity guest judges. The regular panelists will be returning, and presenter Nick Cannon will return while taking a little vacation from having children.

How To Watch Season 8 Of The Masked Singer?

Fox, which is offered by the majority of cable providers, broadcasts The Masked Singer. Streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV, and FuboTV are available to cord-cutters who want to watch live TV. The most recent episodes of The Masked Singer season 8 as well as previous seasons are also streamable on Hulu.

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