‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel Furiosa Has Started Filming

Fans of Mad Max will be happy to hear that Chris Hemsworth, who has been cast in the upcoming Furiosa prequel, has taken to Twitter to inform that filming has begun. Filming was delayed because of complications with Covid, therefore the initial release date of June 2023 was postponed to May 2024. Since then, the actors and crew have been locked in pre-production limbo as they finish filming their other projects with the A-list stars. As the adage goes, “I’m here and gone. I’m back to my old self!”

As soon as Chris Hemsworth shared a photo of the film’s title and cast list on social media, the internet went nuts. The slate was photographed against a cloudy desert landscape reminiscent of Mad Max. Among the credits is the name of the film’s director, George Miller. With the help of Nico Lathouris, Miller co-wrote Imperator Furiosa’s backstory in all four prior Mad Max films. This signifies that Furiosa’s backstory is in the hands of a competent individual.

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Charlize Theron reprised her role as Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, the sequel to the 2015 film. It was revealed that Theron’s character was one of the antagonist’s lieutenants who was dispatched to recover the prized gasoline. Immortan Joe’s wives are being held hostage by the powerful Furiosa in an attempt to flee the Citadel. They encounter a clan of women, the Vuvalini, on Fury Road’s high-speed pursuit across the Wasteland. When Furiosa returns to her home, the women recognise her and tell her that she was abducted from them as a child. Furiosa is persuaded to return to the Citadel by Max, played by Tom Hardy, and fight for control of the people and resources there.

Aside from the fact that Anya Taylor-Joy, the Golden Globe-winning actress who played Furiosa as a child, will play the role, little is known about the prequel’s plot other than the fact that it will focus on the lieutenant’s past. After her blockbuster role as Thomasin in 2015’s The Witch, Taylor-Joy has starred in a wide range of films and television shows that demonstrate her versatility. Taylor-most Joy’s recent role was in Alexander Skarsgrd’s The Northman. Last Night in Soho was her previous feature film role. The Queen’s Gambit, Emma, The New Mutants, and Peaky Blinders are just a few of the many other projects on his resume. The Menu, a horror film starring Ralph Fiennes, is also in the works.

Colin Gibson, Margaret Sixel, and Lesley Vanderwalt, who worked on the Oscar-winning film Fury Road, will reprise their roles in Furiosa. Through their business Kennedy Miller Mitchell, Miller and Doug Mitchell plan to direct and produce the film. Tom Burke, Nathan Jones, and Angus Sampson are the only other cast members to have been named, along with Taylor-Joy and Hemsworth, who will reprise their roles from Fury Road.

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