Love Is Blind Season 3: Meet The LoveSeekers

Love Is Blind Season 3: When the second season of Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix on February 11, 2022, it brought back all the feelings we had for the show. In this arrangement, a group of people who are both single and unable to see each other’s faces are tasked with finding a life partner.

After finishing the entire series in one weekend of bingeing, fans have eagerly anticipated the third season since Netflix announced it would be coming in 2018. From the official release date and cast to the teaser trailer and more, here is all we know about it thus far.


Is There A Trailer For Love Is Blind Season 3?

In all honesty, we do. As of October 1 (details below), not only had Netflix unveiled its new cast but also provided the world with its first peek at them in action. And suffice it to say that we look forward to having access to the pods again.

Is Season 3 Of Love Is Blind Cast Yet Set?

With the third season cast of Love Is Blind already set in stone, we now know that 29 eligible singles will compete. Thus, we should expect a lot of excitement this year. Every registered competitor is listed here.

Season 3 Cast Of Love Is Blind

  • A. Langston, Amanda
  • Author: Andrew Liu
  • A. LaScala, Anthony
  • Randermann, Ashley
  • This is Bartise Bowden.
  • Mr. Brannigan Maxwell
  • Lemieux, Brennon
  • Annotation: Charita Scott
  • Author: Jordan, Chelsey
  • T. Cole Barnett
  • Dr. Colleen Reed

When Will Season Three Of Love Is Blind Be Available To Watch Online?

On September 14, Netflix tweeted the news that they would be renewing Love Is Blind for a third season. They said, “It’s time to make room in your schedule for love again. On October 19, we may expect to see the third season of Love Is Blind. Additionally, Season 2 of After the Altar premieres this coming Friday, so mark your calendars!”

The material here was taken straight from the social networking service Twitter. You could find the same material in a different format or even more on their website.

When Did Love Is Blind Return For A Third Season?

Netflix renewed Love Is Blind for two more seasons after the popularity of the first season, which premiered in February 2020, more than two years ago. On March 24, 2020, Netflix tweeted, “Some News: Love Is Blind & The Circle has each been renewed for TWO additional seasons!” ensuring a return for a second and third season of LIB (alongside more seasons of the reality show The Circle).

Tweets were used to compile this information. It’s possible that the same material is presented differently on their website or that you’ll find more details there. The streamer disclosed additional information in a press release published on the same day, saying, “Doesn’t everyone know that love is supposed to be a blindfold?

Since the first season’s emotional ups and downs showed that it may be for some, host Vanessa Lachey and her husband Nick Lachey (presumably) will pose the question once more to the singles who are about to enter the pods for the dating experiment.”

When Did Production Begin On Love Is Blind Season 3?

The show’s host, Vanessa Lachey, told Entertainment Tonight in September 2021 that they shot seasons two and three simultaneously. During an interview with the media, she stated, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to disclose, but we just wrapped filming on Season 2, which will premiere in February of 2022. Already, we’ve filmed episodes for a third season.”

Vanessa had previously stated that production on the third season would begin in early 2021. She announced to HollywoodLife at the end of March 2021, “Seasons two and three are now being filmed. In addition to saying, “We start shooting them in less than a month, and we are just really excited. “, we reassured our audience that they would be made available to them as soon as possible.”

In Season 3 Of Love Is Blind, What Will Happen?

We anticipate seeing essentially unchanged patterns in singles and dating pods. Yet, Chris Coelen, the show’s producer, told Metro that Season 3 would be “quite different” from the first two. He let it slip, “We have already shot episodes for Season 3, and each season is entirely different.

The third season is vastly different from the previous two. Just the anticipation of season two has me giddy. I think you’ll like them as a bunch, and I certainly do.”

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