Lost In The Sands Genshin: Scarlet Sand Slate unlock

Lost In The Sands Genshin: Version 3.1 of Genshin Impact was released a few days ago, and it has a brand-new, gigantic sub-region with brand-new foes, quests, playable characters, and riches. However, the Lost in the Sands world quest is arguably the most important of the new tasks because it grants access to a crucial mechanic for venturing into the heart of Sumeru’s deserts. Here, therefore, is how to initiate and finish the Lost in the Sands world quest in Genshin Impact so that you, too, may learn the secrets of the ruins.


How To Start The Lost In The Sands World Quest In Genshin Impact

You can start the Lost in the Sands World Quest in Genshin Impact by heading to Aaru Village and then talking to the NPC Bonifaz. Bonifaz will be located at the entrance of the village. The quest is also the first one featured as part of the Golden Slumber Quest Series.

Genshin Impact Lost In The Sands: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. After initiating the quest, you’ll need to follow a trail of footprints from the village’s entrance to the middle of the Abdju Road area. As you approach Abdju Road, the floor will collapse, allowing you access to the Abdju Pit below. The final location is depicted in the graphic below in case you get lost.
  2. Once the region has been unlocked, you must speak to the designated NPCs to advance the quest. When that happens, you must stick to the signs until you reach the ruins’ entrance. You can proceed into the building at this point. Be sure to use the Teleport Waypoint before venturing into the ruins.
  3. You can use an Anemo unit to blow the sand away and unlock the mechanism of the next door after entering the ruin.
  4. To access the next area, which contains a Seelie and a door unlocking device, you must first clear out all of the adversaries and open the Exquisite Chest. Activate the door’s mechanism, then follow the Seelie to its resting place before continuing. Upon entering the room, your only option is to fight off the Primal Construct or use the device in the far upper left to bring you down.
  5. In the future, once you’ve descended to the lowest level, igniting all torches will solve the torch puzzle. By shocking the plant when it flies close to the correct torch, you can make it glow. After the torches have been lit, proceed to the left and use the mechanism to unlock the door.
  6. Once the door has been unlocked, follow Seelie into the next area, where a cutscene will begin automatically. In response to it, you should use a nearby floor mechanism to ascend and then keep going until another cutscene is activated. The Scarlet Sand Slate will be reached shortly; follow the following signs.
  7. Afterward, the party should pick up the Stone Slate at the room’s entrance and make their way upstairs. When you get there, use the slate mechanism up top to do something. After that, keep going until you reach the place with the Forged Primal Light, the platform, and the gadget. Find the Forged Primal Light in the middle, and use it to power the device on the right to clear the way ahead.
  8. After killing the Primal Construct, you can move on to the next area, where the problem can be solved by retrieving the two Forged Primal Lights and utilizing them to activate the corresponding locks. After then, turn the bean till it reaches the left optic. Then, use the slate’s controls to move on to the next level and enter the previously inaccessible room.
  9. The finish line is in sight. Once you’ve reached the room, all you have to do to escape is kill the bad guys inside and use the Tablet to unlock the door. Keep moving forward until a cutscene starts, turning left to reach the Seelie.

Genshin Impact Scarlet Sand Slate Unlock

Your inability to unlock the Scarlet Sand Slate is why you see this message. This tool is essential for discovering the desert ruins, and you can get it early on in the game. If you have found this message without having started any missions, you should travel to Aaru Village. The ruins in Great Red Sand cannot be accessed in the anime game until the main quest chain, the Golden Slumbers, has been completed.

You can begin the chain by talking to Bonifaz in Aaru Village; for a description of the initial mission, see our Lost in the Sands walkthrough. Tirzad will give you the Scarlet Sand Slate once you finish this task. Using the slate, you can activate several vital gadgets in the ruins and access otherwise inaccessible locations.

Accessing the Plinths of the Secret Rites within King Deshret’s ruins requires looking at the Scarlet Sand Slate in your bag. The red statues become blue after this process, allowing access to previously inaccessible regions of the ruins.

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