Lost City Of The Monkey God: Where Can I Find A Honduran Mosquito?

The “White City” in Honduras, commonly referred to as the fabled “Lost City of the Monkey God,” is a recent discovery of ancient remains hidden deep within the country’s Mosquitia jungle. A team of researchers from Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program just returned from the site. The crew undertook a biological investigation of the region, an uncharted section of virgin woodland. What they discovered was an incredible diversity of plants and animals, including numerous species that were believed to be extinct as well as a new species to science.

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Lost City Of The Monkey God

From the perspective of Central America, Ciudad Blanca’s biodiversity stands out as outstanding. Most taxonomic categories, including birds, mammals, insects, fish, reptiles and amphibians, plants, and others, have more species richness than had previously been seen in Honduras and the surrounding area as a whole. This is partly because Ciudad Blanca is surrounded by a vast area of various ecosystems that are still intact.

Numerous species that are thought to be indications of an intact, healthy forest were found in nearly all taxonomic groupings. Due to habitat loss, degradation, poaching, and other stresses, many of these species are uncommon or rare in other regions of their range. Our results highlight the need of maintaining the Ciudad Blanca’s natural ecosystems in order to maintain the long-term persistence of vulnerable species that travel widely through Central America’s wooded regions and to ensure landscape connectivity.

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Where Can I Find A Honduran Mosquito?

The Honduran Mosquitia, the country’s largest protected area, is situated in northeastern Honduras and is one of the few surviving lowland rain forests in Central America to be unexplored and unspoiled. The Honduran Mosquitia maintains the most biodiversity in Honduras with a 350,000-hectare (865,000 acres) area, yet it is still rarely investigated and understood scientifically.

Where Can I Find A Honduran Mosquito?
Where Can I Find A Honduran Mosquito?

When massive urban settlements thought to be the remains of the legendary Ciudad Blanca or White City, were found there in 2012, this area was pushed into the spotlight. Recently, the moniker Ciudad del Jaguar was given to one of the investigation locations (City of the Jaguar).

This biodiversity expedition was started in 2017 to quickly examine the ecological variety around Ciudad del Jaguar inside the Ciudad Blanca complex, adding to the vast amount of cultural knowledge being gathered. The crew was flown to and from the study site by helicopter because of how far away it was.

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