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Logitech G430 Gaming Headset! Why Is It Recommended By Most Of The Gamers


Key features

Model Number 981-000536
Connection Types 3.5 mm Stereo (Analog) and USB (Digital)
Headphone Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Cable Length 7.65 ft./ 2.33 m
Microphone Type Rotating Boom
Microphone Noise Cancellation Type Hardware Noise-canceling
Microphone Frequency Response 50 Hz to 20 kHz

Pros & Cons

I’ve seen that many new players choose PC gaming speakers over headsets or headphones. Perhaps it’s because hard-core gamers are frequently seen wearing headsets, or perhaps new players are concerned about hearing loss. In either case, using headsets and headphones will make your gaming experience more personal, and as long as you keep the noise down, you won’t risk hearing loss.

Because they use binaural recording, games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice were designed to be played with headsets or headphones. In order to truly immerse oneself in the game, you essentially need them. This article will examine the level of audio immersion that the Logitech G430s can provide. If you’re considering purchasing them, maybe this review will encourage you to do so or convince you to put your money aside and hunt for better alternatives.

We must evaluate headsets in accordance with their practical combination of headphones and microphones. It’s borderline insane to purchase headsets based only on sound quality. You might as well invest in a quality set of headphones.

Nevertheless, we’ll discuss the Logitech G430’s specifications, functionality, and appearance in this review. We’ve also provided a list of some alternatives and addressed some frequently asked questions near the end of this tutorial. Therefore, reading all the way to the conclusion may be helpful if you want to learn more about headsets.

Performance Of The Logitech G430

The PS4 has an advantage over the Xbox One due to USB gaming headset compatibility. For usage with gaming PCs, Logitech designed the G430s. However, this does not imply that Xbox users should absolutely shun them. It just indicates that you might need to buy a stereo headset adaptor. If the hassle is too much for you, you might get more use out of checking out our list of the top Xbox One headphones.

The Logitech G430s are more valuable than their asking price just on the basis of their performance. They produce some of the cleanest and crispest sounds you’ll ever hear from a headset at this price point thanks to Logitech’s proprietary 40mm Pro G headphone drivers.

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Specifications

Use these babies when playing Hellblade, but keep in mind that you’ll need to take them off occasionally to make sure there aren’t any ghosts nearby. Even while using the 7.1 Surround sound, you never feel like the speakers are really next to your ears (DTS or Dolby Digital).

You have the impression that you have been transported to the setting you are seeing. Do not be afraid to utilize these for music if you wish to fold the microphone. When you’re listening to music with complex soundscapes and massive walls of sound, you can clearly hear every echo, pop, and subtle instrument.

Although the bass is passable, I would prefer it to be better realized. Clean percussion and treble are heard. This headset’s one minor weakness is the microphone. The microphone has hardware noise cancellation and is omnidirectional. Although it cannot be taken off, it can be folded back.

With the microphone held close to your mouth in a crowded area, it will precisely isolate your sound. If you haven’t placed the mic correctly, you might occasionally hear a few pops and a little crackling. Voice recordings may occasionally be a little quiet. Before starting an online game, you might need to turn up the microphone or recording volume on your PC or gaming console.

Although I have seen that some businesses prefer to utilize gaming headphones rather than office headsets, I would still suggest the Logitech G430s for gaming. Would they function successfully in a business environment? I wouldn’t advise these in a professional situation due to the inconsistent mic recording quality.

Designer Logitech G430

The neon blue Logitech G430s are available. It’s bad that there aren’t more color possibilities because I like the color. You would believe they had LED illumination just by looking at them. Although they don’t, it’s not a significant visual fault. The headset is quite light. The mesh material used for the replaceable ear-cup padding is sweat-friendly. The benefit of interchangeable padding is that it is simpler to clean and can be changed out as it becomes worn out.

Displaying The Logitech G430 Gaming Headset In Art

Like most headsets, the headband has padding, although it is not removable. The headsets are quite cozy. You may use these headsets for hours on end if your ears aren’t too weird (as mine are). It is ideal for those extended weekend gaming binges. The headband does have a brittle feeling to it. Particularly flimsy feel may be felt at the points where the headband attaches to the ear cups. They require your attention.

The ear cups, however, appear to be robustly constructed from plastic. The microphone is similar in this regard. A rigid rotating boom mic, that is. It can rotate roughly 90 degrees. Although it isn’t extremely flexible, the construction seems solid enough to withstand the test of time.

The cable is far too long. especially once the USB adapter is connected. A Velcro cable tie exists, though, to make managing it easier. You can attach the cord to your garment using the clip that is included. The lack of buttons or controls on the earcups themselves is a little disappointing. Fortunately, there is an inbuilt control panel with a microphone mute and volume control for the speakers (headphones). Sincerely, I dislike the way the inline panel is made. The mic-mute is a slider, whereas the volume control is a little rotating wheel.

Controls For The Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

It nevertheless has a snug and safe feeling. A pair of analog connectors are present, as was already mentioned. Mike and a pair of headphones, respectively. This might be viewed as a benefit or a drawback. The headsets don’t come with a combination jack, so if you intend to use them with a high-end Android phone or tablet with a 3.5 mm input, you may need to purchase one.

It does provide a USB adaptor, into which both of the jacks can be plugged. You’ll need to download Logitech’s free gaming software if you want to easily customize the sound and utilize the headset’s 7.1 surround sound capabilities on your PC.

You may simply configure any additional Logitech hardware you have connected to your computer, in addition to the headsets themselves. At this pricing point, you shouldn’t expect much from a headset, but I’m delighted to report that the Logitech G430 exceeds expectations in practically every area.

Pricing for The Logitech G430 And Alternatives

The Logitech G430 was on sale at Amazon at the time this article was being written for $47.88. At this pricing point, there aren’t many gaming headsets with 7.1 surround sound. However, in this area, we’ll discuss a few choices for you if you feel like you’d prefer something a little more affordable or something in a different design.

Gaming Headset RUNMUS

Price: $35.95

The Logitech G430s can be replaced with the RUNMUS Gaming Headsets for a lower cost. They have LED lights in addition to 7.1 Surround Sound capabilities. In addition, they are available in red and blue.

Void Elite by Corsair

Price: $51.84

The Corsair Void Elites are a bit more expensive than the Logitech G430s, but they are built more solidly and contain control buttons on the ear cups as well as an omnidirectional microphone with a superior recording quality that can be flipped up to muffle. You have a really fantastic option for the Logitech G430s if you can see beyond its simple black design.

USB Pro Gaming Headset by Jeecoo

Price: $29.99

The Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset is the only option if you’re seeking a headset that costs significantly less than $50. It boasts RGB lighting, memory foam, and 7.1 surround sound. Despite their heavy construction, the mic recording quality is surprisingly excellent. It’s a terrific investment, especially if you’re searching for a decent gaming headset on a tight budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Logitech G430 Support PlayStation 4?

The PS4 is compatible with the Logitech G430 headset. Unfortunately, the PS4 is unable to offer 7.1 surround sound. They do, however, attach to the USB port. Check out our guide to the top PS4 gaming headsets if you’re looking for a more PS4-friendly option for the Logitech G430 headset.

How Does Tyler1 Use A Headset?

You might be surprised to learn that gaming influencer and streamer Tyler1 wears a Logitech G430 headset.

Where Should My Headset Be Plugged Into My Computer?

You can connect your headset in three different methods, depending on the model you’re using and the jacks and attachments it includes: through the 3.5mm jack ports, through the USB port, or using Blue Tooth.

Jacks For The Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

Two jacks for the microphone and headphones are included with the Logitech G430 headset (respectively). These can be immediately plugged into the 3.5mm jack inputs on your computer. You’ll receive stereo audio but not surround sound from this.

Use the USB adapter to connect the headsets to the computer if you wish to make use of the 7.1 surround sound features of the device. Before attaching the USB adapter to the computer, you must connect the headset jacks to the corresponding jack sockets on the USB adapter.

The USB adapter can then be linked to the USB port on your computer after the jacks have been attached to it. Following this, Windows will attempt to locate the correct drivers for your headset. You can download the Logitech Gaming Software, which enables 7.1 surround sound and headset customization, as soon as this procedure is finished.

Which Gaming Headset Is Better, Wireless Or Wired?

Your preferences and the size of your wallet will determine your response to this inquiry. In general, whether I’m listening to music or playing a game, I prefer cordless headsets. It’s vital to remember that compared to wireless headsets, wired headsets still produce superior sound and have a lower danger of interference.

The greatest choice for 7.1 surround sound at an affordable price is a wired headset. Wireless headsets that offer both real and virtual surround sound do exist, although they are frequently quite pricey. Consider the virtual surround sound that comes with the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset. The price is $293.09 With most of its features, a wired headset is more affordable. You won’t have to worry as much about radiofrequency radiation on top of that.

Gaming Headset Logitech G430 With Box

Even though wireless headsets are far handy, I still firmly feel that wired headsets are superior to wireless headsets. Check out our guide to the best wireless headsets for gaming if you’re looking for a quality wireless headset.

Does Gaming With Surround Sound Work Well?

Depending on the game you’re playing, surround sound can be excellent. While games like Spelunky might not benefit from surround sound headsets, RPG and open-world games like The Witcher might.

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