Logan Ury Says You’re Dating All Wrong! Read To Know What She Means

Logan Ury hosted Propel, a weeklong, application-only “boot camp” for 128 participants in May for $480 per person, and she is planning another bigger, longer dating session in the autumn. She performs fast hits on occasion, and in 2021, she gave one-on-one, 90-minute “decision-making discussions.” People phoned to inquire whether they should propose if their boyfriend’s sex drive would ever return and if there was an appropriate way to terminate a relationship due to a partner’s mental health concerns. She also coaches for free on a weekly basis.

Kimberly Baudhuin, 26, who quit a consulting position at Bain to become Ms. Ury’s full-time assistant, told me over the phone that before meeting Ms. Logan Ury, she was upset by the swarm of podcasters, influencers, and TikTokers claiming to know the key to contemporary dating. “It’s tactical,” Ms. Ury remarked. It’s a gradual process.” Ms. Ury told me of a customer who had a string of first dates but never went on a second date. His sense of humor wasn’t getting over to the ladies he dated, so she assisted him in rehearsing a narrative about the summer he worked in a hot dog truck in college. “I’m not asking him to lie about his height or his age,” she said.

Logan Ury

Logan Ury often mentions her aptitude for “pattern detection,” or seeing and synthesizing the ruts in someone’s relationship history. For that purpose, she encourages her clients to fill out “relationship audits,” which include who they’ve dated, how they met each person, and why their relationships ended, for Ms. Ury to evaluate. Ms. Ury’s lesson last year took a 35-year-old lady six hours to complete. According to Ms. Ury views, she prefers to date persons with “large personalities.”

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Ms. Ury said, “I’m not promoting myself as a guru.” “I tell people: I’m going to build a system that will help you overcome your blind spots and make better judgments.” Ms. Ury was growing agitated as we spoke in the Blueberry, a purple structure that housed Radish’s kitchen. We went for a stroll; she led me through Oakland streets peppered with crop-share signs while holding a cup of black coffee imprinted with the words “INTENTIONALLY EVER AFTER.” Her Crocs squeaked against the sidewalk.

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