Lizzo Boyfriend: The Singer Attends The Grammy 2023 With Boyfriend Myke Wright

Since the hip-hop world is at its peak, one of the most well known rapper in this world is Lizzo. She is also known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson. She is a renowned american singer and rapper. In addition to this she is also a widely recognised flutist.

Initially she was living in Detroit, Michigan but she moved to Houston, where she ultimately began her professional career as a rapper. She started rapping with minor labels but once her songs became viral she got offers from big labels. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Lizzo Boyfriend.


Lizzo Boyfriend

Lizzo has found a new love interest. The “Truth Hurts” singer has been quite open about her relationship with boyfriend Myke Wright since since she confirmed their relationship during an appearance with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM series Radio Andy in April 2022.

They made their red carpet debut on June 4, 2022 at the FYC event for her Amazon Prime Video series, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, just a few months after they stepped out for her 34th birthday in West Hollywood. The photographs, which show Lizzo in a brilliant pink party dress with matching tights and gloves, were captioned “Ima boss ass bitch #FYC” by Lizzo on instagram.

In one of the photos, Lizzo was cuddling up to Wright on the carpet, and in another, her hand was on his, which showed off some of her jewellery for the night.

Even though Lizzo and Wright were linked before they were seen having Valentine’s Day dinner together in L.A., the sighting fuelled romance suspicions between the two. Lizzo and her beau were seen at Crustacean Beverly Hills in October of 2021.

Wright has been by Lizzo’s side at other events since then, including the FYC event for her Amazon Prime Video series, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, and the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, where Lizzo won the Video for Good award.

Lizzo Boyfriend
Lizzo Boyfriend

They attended the Pre-GRAMMY Gala in February 2023, walked the red carpet together, and sat next to each other throughout the music ceremony, marking their first appearance at the Grammy Awards as a couple. A few photographs of them were then posted to Instagram by Lizzo with the caption “Hard Launch.”

Myke Wright And Lizzo Used To Be Co-Hosts

There is a long history between Lizzo and Wright. They worked together on MTV’s music series Wonderland in 2016, before their relationship became public knowledge. Possibly of interest to you Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend.

Myke Wright Is A Well-Known Comedian

Wright is a stand-up comedian who has been featured on shows like Adam Devine’s House Party and Laughs. Wright has also been in a number of films as an actor, as evidenced by his IMDb page. These include How to Be a Grown up, Doubting Thomas, and the short Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus.

Detroit Is Where Myke Wright Grew Up

Wright, as per VoyageLA, is a Detroit native who spent much of his childhood on the city’s Westside. After “juggling music, video production, and going to Art College,” he moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to become a stand-up comedian, according to a publication. You may also read Rihanna Dating History.

Myke Wright Is A Musician As Well

Wright and Lizzo are both music lovers, which is another thing they have in common. Wright has been in two bands, whereas Lizzo is best recognised for her solo work as a singer. According to an interview with VoyageLA, he and three of his best friends created the all-Black rock band The Grey Level in high school and then formed the alternative hip hop group Phresh Heir.

Myke Wright Has His Own Company As A Designer

Wright does everything! Wright is not only a comedian, actor, and singer, but also a designer. According to VoyageLA, he has also formed a designer and innovation firm called ümi, which is “dedicated on increasing the quality of human life through products and experience.” He has worked with the Detroit-based luxury clothing brand EMLE on several occasions. You may also like Who Is Brad Pitt Dating.

“My mother would always tell me ‘Make Your Life More Than Just Long’. I really took that to heart,” he told the publication. “ümi is about getting all brightest minds together and forming material solutions for the problems humans face.”

Myke Wright Calls Lizzo By A Special Name

Melissa Viviane Jefferson is better known to the world as Lizzo, but Wright refers to his girlfriend by a different name. The Truth Hurts singer said to the host of Audacy Check In, “He calls me Melly,  His ideas are original.” 

When Asked About Her Relationship With Myke, Lizzo Said They Are Locked In

In October 2022, Lizzo and Wright didn’t seem likely to get married, unless it was a good business move. “I’ve known him for over six years. He’s everything. We’re just in love. And that’s it,” she told. “People fight for monogamy like they pray to it every day. I am not a polyamorous person, I’m not in love with multiple partners. That is not me. He’s the love of my life. We are life mates.”

Lizzo continued:  “Do I want to get married? If I wanted to start a business with him, I’d get married because that’s when your finances come together.”

When Howard Stern inquired about the couple’s future intentions in December 2022, the “Juice” singer didn’t rule out the prospect of marriage. You may also be interested in Post Malone Dating History.

“We’re not playing any games with each other anymore. We’re very much locked in,” she said. “This is official. There’s nobody else I’m going to be with for the rest of my life.”

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Lizzo Boyfriend. The couple made their relationship public by walking together at the red carpet of an Amazon Prime event . If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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