Lionel Richie Plastic Surgery! Why Did He Had Numerous Surgeries?

Lionel Richie Plastic Surgery: One of the most popular funks and soul musicians, Lionel Richie, is well known for smash tunes like “Hello” and “All Night Long” (or R&B). Besides his talent, The fact that the vocalist no longer ages are undeniable. He barely has creases on his face despite being over 70 years old. So, unless he possesses some mythical ancestry, I’m sure he knows a thing or two about resurrecting youth.

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Lionel Richie A Botox User

Lionel certainly has more natural wrinkles now than he had when he was younger, yet for some reason, his face appears much smoother and line-free in the after picture. Even though it’s said that “Black don’t break,” humans don’t age backward. Why, then, does Lionel appear younger? It’s simple ā€” he might be having botox!

Lionel Undergone A Makeover

I bet Lionel gets a facelift if his face receives frequent botox. In the following image, his face appears more constricted and strained. I don’t know about you, but his cheekbones and forehead appear to have undergone a noticeable “lift.”

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Hair Transplant Surgery

Over the years, Lionel has maintained his distinctively thick and curly hair. But these before and after pictures show me that he did experience some thinning. Was this a precursor to baldness? I believe that he did, and it appears that he caught it early enough to have his receding hairline treated with a hair transplant.

Lionel Richie Plastic Surgery

Suppose You Got A Nose Job

Despite working closely with Michael Jackson to make “We Are the World” a global sensation, Lionel kept his nose clean (Sorry, Michael). No rhinoplasty, in my opinion, because there is nothing new to see here.

Lionel Richie Plastic Surgery

Lionel Richie: Then And Now

Let’s examine his bodily alterations over time to acquire more proof of his potential plastic surgery. Here is a picture of Lionel from his high school days. With his tie and wire-rimmed glasses, he appears to be a good man that any mother would be proud of.

Lionel Richie Plastic Surgery

The Commodores 1968

The Commodores from Motown had Lionel on vocals. He donned a mustache that would later become his characteristic look, and he had big afro hair, which was fashionable at the time. Members of the Commodore wore stylish clothes that made an impression on their followers. Richie looks quite well in these futuristic outfits. He wore the costumes brilliantly, in my opinion.

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Going Independent 1982

As a solo musician in the 1980s, Lionel enjoyed great success. He extended the length of his curly hair, the decade’s “cool” black haircut. Lionel also sported a thick mustache known as a Chevron to give himself a more macho appearance. The vocalist typically wore attire that was elegant and professional. With his cardigans and collared shirts, he had a preppy look.

Short And Orderly 1996

Lionel has always dressed nicely, and with his height and slight build, I believe he might pass for a model if his music career did not pan out. In this all-black coat and turtleneck ensemble, he looks dapper. He replaced his facial hair, although his hair had been neatly cut. The Chevron is gone, but I think the circular beard makes him seem much better.

Botox’s Debut 2000

After a period of no hits, the singer made a comeback with the album “Renaissance.” However, something about Lionel on this record cover seems odd. In my opinion, he might have had face fillers for the first time. Lionel also has what looks like lighter skin. Did he also try bleaching, or is this merely a result of the photo’s lighting or editing?

Like A 30 year Old 2006

Lionel continued to demonstrate that he is among the best-selling artists in the world after releasing another album that entered the Billboard 200. In addition, he showed his anti-aging technique by making Lionel appear younger than ever in this picture (I believe it’s a facelift). He’s roughly 57 years old here, but his beautiful facial skin belied his true age because he appears younger than his actual age.

An Icon 2014

Lionel was recognized as a Legend of Live by Billboard Awards for his contributions to music, and he might also be referred to as the person with the most legendary skin. Even though he is now in his 60s, Lionel still appears younger than his actual age.

Here, his neck’s wrinkles are much more noticeable. He is again donning a Chevron, but he has modernized it with a trim box beard on his lower lip. It would be difficult to forget this image because he wore his hair in the same tidy, short, and curly way for decades.

Too Many Injections 2018

Although Lionel appears to be approaching 70 years old in this picture, I believe he has overdone the botox. His brow has a small hump, and his cheeks are full. Perhaps Lionel should tone down the cosmetic changes before they start to look a little odd.

Looking Fantastic Even Now 2020

Guys, this is becoming crazy. I’m not sure how he looks this fantastic at 71 years old. Although I am aware that he dyes his hair, the smoothness of his face is extraordinary. Amazing!

Resuming Activity 2021

The American Idol judge is back for the next season, 2021, and still looks fantastic. Those layers of flesh on the side of his neck make him look more natural; I’m not sure if he’s ever had a neck lift.

The Year 2022 Will Be Ageless

One word Speechless.

Lionel Richie Plastic Surgery

Let’s End It Now!

Like many famous people, I believe Lionel may have undergone some cosmetic treatments. His youthful beauty could not possibly be the result of genetics, notwithstanding his luxurious lifestyle. In my opinion, he might have a surgeon concealed in his phone book.

Final Lines

Lionel Richie is one of the most well-known funks and soul performers. He had a hair transplant and changed how his face looked. Many changes are coming. For more information on this, read this article.

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