Kyrie Irving Net Worth: Why LeBron Speaking Up On Kyrie Trade Req And The Lakers?

Kyrie American basketball player Andrew Irving, who is now in his ninth NBA season, has been playing for the Brooklyn Nets since 2019. Despite all of this, he is still one of the finest point guards in the game and was chosen first overall in the 2011 draught. He has lately been in the news for tweeting support for an anti-semitic film for which he was fined and suspended by the Nets. He has the best handles in the league, bars none.

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Kyrie Irving’s Net Worth

Kyrie Irving Net Worth
Kyrie Irving Net Worth

Kyrie Irving’s estimated net worth is $90 million, while his average yearly contract pay is $35 million. With Pepsi, Skull candy, Nike, and other companies, he has endorsement agreements. His $11 million shoe contract with Nike included his signature models, which were among the best-selling models. Kyrie Irving earned $36 million in salary and endorsements between June 2017 and June 2018. Kyrie Irving made $43 million between June 2018 and June 2019 and $40 million between June 2019 and June 2020.

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LeBron Speaking Up On Kyrie’s Trade Req – And The Lakers Are Hyped!

LeBron James finally commented on Kyrie Irving’s request for a trade in a cryptic tweet that was sent out late on Friday. Just days before the trade deadline, Irving issued a shocking ultimatum demanding a transfer from the Brooklyn Nets. Irving has said he would be prepared to sign a new contract in Brooklyn, but he wants to leave the Nets as soon as possible. He just turned down a new contract offer from the Barclays Center.

LeBron Speaking Up On Kyrie's Trade Req - And The Lakers Are Hyped!
LeBron Speaking Up On Kyrie’s Trade Req – And The Lakers Are Hyped!

After rejecting the offer, Irving told the organization that he wanted to be moved by the deadline on February 9 and that, if he wasn’t, he would sign with another team in free agency. The Los Angeles Lakers are rumored to be interested in acquiring the All-Star guard, and it has been predicted that they will send Russell Westbrook the other way. James, who previously played with Irving at the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been pleading with the Lakers to make moves in the trade market in order to increase their chances of making a run at the NBA Championship.

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According to rumors, Irving is interested in joining the Lakers, and James gave a cryptic hint about how he felt about the news when it first surfaced. James posted the crown emoji at the conclusion of most of his tweets in allusion to his moniker, “The King,” coupled with the emoji for the eyes. Stay on top of the hottest news by tuning into Talkxbox! We’ve got all the info you need to stay up to date.

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