Korean English Controversy: An Apology from Gabie Kook!

Korean Englishman Controversy: In the last few months the Fulham Boys High School YouTube channel, Korean Englishman, has received a lot of attention. Like Armand, Ray, Max, and a host of other students, some of your fellow classmates have become well-known on the internet. Duo The YouTube channel was developed by Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal and features Korean and English videos. It is the primary goal of the Korean Englishman channel to spread knowledge about South Korean culture and cuisine worldwide.

Explanation of the Korean Englishman Controversy’s Grooming Scandal

Ray, a Fulham Boys High School student, is trending after his girlfriend disclosed his social media activity about the Korean Englishman dispute and the grooming incident. On July 12, 2022, the YouTube channel ‘Sojang’ published a video with the title ‘Shocking disclosure of a Korean girlfriend’ about a woman who went from being a fan of a Korean Englishman to a lover. However, it is now unavailable.

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On July 11, 2022, early in the morning, Ray’s Korean girlfriend revealed his behavior on Instagram, according to the YouTuber. He requested that she get Dr. Dre‘s headphones and paid for them through Amazon because he had the card details. Moreover, the girlfriend disclosed that Ray began using Tinder as soon as he arrived in Korea. He even spent the night at another girl’s place and was caught, which infuriated his purported Korean girlfriend and revealed all of his deeds.

Raykula is Ray’s true name, and he paid approximately 460,000 won for the shopping mode AirPods he claimed to have lost. The now-deleted video says, ‘Ray suddenly decided to buy clothes and used his girlfriend’s credit card details to purchase 460,000 won’ Similarly, he approached his Korean girlfriend for money, and she gave him 780,000 won, which he spent on alcohol, according to the YouTuber Mojang.

He requested the Rolex watch he observed on the father of his Korean lover. The Korean girlfriend of the Fulham Boys High School student Ray said she would give him a Louis Vuitton watch for 5 million won, but he refused and asked her to purchase him a Rolex instead. According to the YouTuber, Ray’s Korean girlfriend even traveled to England to date him.

Netizens requested that the Korean Englishman’s employees revise his writing. Raykula, upon discovering the information, threatened his girlfriend and demanded that she cease. In the most recent video, a channel subscriber stated, “I’m canceling my subscription.” Yesterday, the Korean Englishman channel published a movie covering Fulham Boys, including clips of Ray.  Additionally, screenshots of Ray and his girlfriend’s chat are popular on the Internet.  Please stay tuned for updated information regarding the Fulham Boys High School student and his girlfriend.

Korean English Controversy
Korean English Controversy

Armand And Ray Detailed Fulham Boys School Information

The full names of Fulham Boys High School students Armand de Lambilly and Raykula are Armand de Lambilly and Raykula, respectively. They are two of the most distinguished youngsters ever shown on the channel Korean Englishman. Armand serves as the principal of Fulham Boys High School. After the video featuring Fulham Boys High School pupils’ reactions to South Korean food was uploaded to YouTube, he gained widespread Internet attention.

According to the first video headlined “British High School Students Try Korean Street Food for the First Time!” starring two lads, both were 17 years old at the time; therefore, they are likely 17, 18, or 19 years old. Josh, one of the creators of the Korean Englishman channel, revealed in one of the most recent movies delivering Korean fried chicken to the entire school that the total number of videos showcasing Fulham Boys High School surpassed 100 million.

YouTuber British-Korean Net Worth in 2022

The YouTuber Korean Englishman’s predicted net worth in 2022 is enormous. After promoting Fulham Boys High School, the channel’s user base exploded; it currently has over 5 million subscribers. Gabriela Kook, the South Korean-born wife of Josh, produced the majority of the South Korean dishes seen on the channel. She also creates stuff and has her own YouTube channel. To make matters even better, their videos routinely receive over a million views.

Considering this, the channel’s monetized channel and different collaborations must bring in a significant amount of money.

An Apology from Gabie Kook, Wife of Korean Englishman Josh, for Her Controversial Quarantine Policy

In order to address these difficulties, “I still need more time to contemplate, but I want to do it before it’s too late.” Gabie Kook, the YouTuber who drew criticism for throwing a birthday party while on self-imposed quarantine, has recently issued an official apology. “Hello, This Is Gabie,” a video she shared on April 20, titled. After the scandal broke in October of 2020, Josh, her Korean Englishman spouse, issued an apology.

Six months ago, Gabie returned to her YouTube channel and the public. She apologized for her actions, saying she had been suspended from prosecution since January. In essence, Gabie sought to receive healthcare similar to that provided to Korean nationals but failed to pay her premiums. She appeared to be taking advantage of Korea’s healthcare system when she was actually just bewildered, leading to a backlash from the public on social media.

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