Kevin Feige Explains Why Young Avengers Isn’t on the MCU Phase 5 and 6 Slates

Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios held a panel in Hall H that detailed the majority of Phases 5 and 6 of the MCU’s theatrical releases and Disney+ original shows. Since so many new and younger characters were introduced in Phase 4, many fans expected to hear about a Young Avengers movie at the convention.

Daredevil: Born Again and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars were instead revealed by Marvel Studios. The Youthful Avengers have yet to be mentioned in any official sources, although many of the MCU actors who portray young characters have hinted at the likelihood of such a project.

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Kate Bishop actor Hailee Steinfeld, wasn’t in denial when asked about the Young Avengers, but just stated that “there’s a lot of new opportunities rising.” Billy Maximoff actor Julian Hilliard was also asked his opinion on the superhero team, In fact, he went so far as to identify the actors he would most like to collaborate with on the film.

Kevin Feige’s Thoughts on the Young Avengers

Following Marvel Studios’ appearance in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, MTV News’ Josh Horowitz questioned Kevin Feige about the lack of an announcement surrounding the Young Avengers. Feige responded by saying that the MCU has “great characters” who have been “introduced in Phase 4,” implying that a project starring the Young Avengers would arrive later in the pipeline:

“We’ve got… we’re reminding folks of all the fantastic characters that we introduced in Phase 4 and where those characters go and how they develop their own cliques.”

Several times in the past, Feige has been asked about the Young Avengers. When asked about the potential formation of that team in a March 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Marvel CEO noted that “the potential (is) unlimited” when it comes to the characters introduced in Phase 4:

Kevin Feige Explains Why Young Avengers Isn't on the Mcu's Phase 5 and 6 Slates
Kevin Feige Explains Why Young Avengers Isn’t on the Mcu’s Phase 5 and 6 Slates

“As a comic fan, anything in the comics is always our inspiration and our guide point. How those things come together and in what shape, it’s always subverting expectations, it’s always half the fun as meeting them. But, yes, you can certainly see that Phase 4 is introducing all sorts of new types of characters with the potential being endless.”

In the same interview, Feige compared Marvel Studios to Nick Fury, particularly when he had to tell a story about “new actors” that “they’re part of a bigger universe:”

“Now, all of us at Marvel Studios feel like Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man 1, as new actors and new performers come in and we tell them they’re part of a bigger universe. They just now have to do the work required to build their audience. I’m happy to say everybody that’s here, certainly where I’m sitting now, is doing amazing work and [I] can’t wait to show them the world.

It’s also worth noting that, before the release of Hawkeye, actress Hailee Steinfeld was asked about the possibility of a Young Avengers team-up film in an interview with ComicBook. She immediately returned her gaze to Kevin Feige, and for a brief minute, it appeared as if the two had something to hide. In response to the original question concerning the Young Avengers, Steinfeld responded that “it’s merely the beginning.”

“I mean, listen, this feels so crazy to me right now just sitting here with this group of people. I’m so grateful to be a part of this show in this universe, and it’s only the beginning. This show’s not even out, so I’m looking forward to that day.”

Does a Young Avengers Movie Occur?

The Young Avengers could make an appearance in the future, it appears. Kevin Feige’s direct remarks and the look Hailee Steinfeld gave him when he was asked about the squad make it impossible to think that something isn’t in the works.

No one can speak for Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige but him, but it appears like he just wants fans to get to know the new characters before they are all put together in one movie. Many of the newcomers have only appeared in one or two productions so far in Phase 4, so rushing them into a team-up film before we’ve learned more about them may not be the best course of action.

There are three major team-up movies planned for Phases 5 and 6 of the MCU, two of which are Avengers flicks, as well. An attempt to squeeze in a Young Avengers initiative someplace could result in overcrowding and confusion. The Young Avengers appear to have a plan in place, according to Feige’s statements, as well as his reactions.

In the meantime, he’s hinted that further solo projects featuring some of the MCU’s newest members may be in the works, and fans can always look forward to the projects that have already been revealed.

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