Kerbal Space Program Mods: The Best KSP Mods

Kerbal Space Program Mods: For the Kerbal Space Program to be enjoyable, mods are necessary. You could even refer to it as a space game where you design, plan, and pilot the daring explorers of Planet Kerbin up toward the last (and only) frontier. After the final 1.12 update, the main game is in excellent condition. Still, the Kerbal Space Program mod scene features some of the most imaginative community contributions and enhances the overall experience.

It would help if you put together all of the vehicles and equipment in KSP (and the future sequel Kerbal Space Program 2), organize the missions, and even perform the piloting while venturing further into the unknown. You will grow to love and loathe realistic physics, especially concerning problems with literal rocket science, transfer orbits, and thrust/weight ratios.

When customizing Kerbal Space Program, there are many different demands. Some of you might want more components to construct your rockets. Sure, you might not enjoy the experience of being a real-life rocket scientist and require some utility mods to make it more bearable. There is a mod to meet any need, and we have tried to compile a list of the best mods that cover various requirements.


Space Program For Kerbals Mods

  • 2 MechJeb
  • kOS
  • Redux Kerbal Engineer
  • Extended Kerbal Interstellar
  • System of Kerbal Attachments
  • Indicator for Docking Port Alignment
  • Enhancements to the Visual Environment
  • Aerospec B9
  • Telemachus
  • Russia’s spacecraft
  • BD Arsenal

Check whether your favorite mods are compatible with the most recent patch, version 1.12, which is in effect at the time of writing.

Modifying The Kerbal Space Program

The KSP modding community has been active since the beginning. It quickly overdrives because of readily available models, a simplified look, and a culture predisposed to building and manufacturing things. Discovering and spreading those mods was somewhat tricky, but technologies have developed to make things easier.

Invention Workshop Steam

The Steam Workshop was one of the most welcome features of integration with the platform, despite not being the first place the old-timers went. Through it, you can download stations, bases, rovers, and ships belonging to other people to use in your libraries. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t offer more content that is mechanically aggressive. The Workshop is the perfect spot to look for designs, but keep exploring if you want more game-changing mods.


Curse’s administration of KSP mods is pretty well done, and there’s a high chance you already have the desktop client installed because it’s incorporated into the desktop Twitch program. Curse is perhaps better known as one of the most popular Worlds of Warcraft and Minecraft mod managers. It’s a wise decision because the system functions effectively, and the library is typically updated. The KSP-affiliated official mod hosting service is called Curse.


You can choose CKAN, the oldest of the lot if you don’t use Windows or wish to avoid the Twitch desktop. It also has its own standalone GUI, is fully compatible with all non-console systems, and is relatively up-to-date.

2 MechJeb

Several older mods caused quite a stir when they were first released. One of those is unquestionably MechJeb. It is a mechanical replica of the neurological patterns of Jebidiah Kerman, our hero in the game. In actuality, it is a massless gadget that unlocks a full range of monitors and controls, from improved staging analysis for delta-V and TWR in the construction buildings to the eventually opened ability to pilot a ship to orbit independently from launch successfully.

The problem is that you have to invest in Science in the R&D facility along the route to unlock these fantastic talents because they aren’t available right away. As you progress, MJ takes up more of the routine work so you can concentrate on the parts you haven’t done a million times.

Although the complete information is on the KSP forum thread linked above, you may get MechJeb from Curse.


kOS is ready for you if you’re looking for something that gives you more control. While kOS is an autopilot control system, it differs from MJ in that you must write the control code for every action you want to do in kerboscript, a suspiciously similar language to many others used in the early stages of flying system creation.

This might be an absolute must if the thought of calculating the dot product of various vectors to create the direction to guide the ship excites you even slightly. Even if it scares you a little, you still need it since you can accomplish incredible things without diving too deeply into mathematics and maybe even get an astrophysics degree by accident.

Redux Kerbal Engineer

There is Kerbal Engineer Redux if you feel MJ is a bit too helpful but still want the analytics and analysis. You want to use feedback and delta-V calculations to make flying less terrifying. Slightly. Your situational awareness may be significantly impacted if you can add complete custom sections to your HUD.

Extended KSP Interstellar

Breaking Ground increases the number of entertaining, deployable science tools available in the cargo bays, but KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) amplifies that without necessarily going full Star Trek. I’ll start. The tech tree virtually doubles in size thanks to KSPIE, giving you more options while adding intricate production chains for the materials required to use the newest technologies.

This is an absolute must-have if you’re seeking that long-term, extended sense of pushing the limits of Science from sounding rockets up to FTL (and who isn’t?). Since it is completely integrated with CKAN, you can only really get this one from that service.

System Of Kerbal Attachments

The Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) adds a certain dynamicism to creating objects, especially in orbit, albeit it’s not quite something you always need in your arsenal.

Want a Kerbal to spring out and tie ships together with baling wire, stiff struts, and spit? Could you do it now? Creating a base for refueling on a planet and only needing a hose to draw gasoline from the fuel miner? Right here, it is! Although not necessary, it is beneficial.

Indicator For Docking Port Alignment

A day will come when you want to perform the mating dance once you’re in the black. That is, place two docking ports that were once hundreds of kilometers apart and are moving quickly toward one another. You’ll want a Docking Port Alignment Indicator (DPAI). You can utilize a tool that will spare you countless agonies rather than attempting to eyeball it based on mounted lights.

Enhancements To The Visual Environment

Even for a 7-year-old game, KSP’s stock graphics are impressive; modders have been modifying the game’s appearance since the beginning. Although there are several aesthetic mods for the game, Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE) is the one that, in my opinion, really takes things to the next level. The immersion is increased by adding volumetric clouds for the planets, city light clusters for Kerbin, and other adjustments. You’ll be stunning if you combine it with tools like Scatterer, but nothing is free. The physics simulation will suffer if your graphics hardware isn’t powerful enough to push the polys.

Aerospec B9

Spaceplanes are unquestionably supported in the core game, even though most of KSP is devoted to concentrating on rockets and similar devices. Simply put, they don’t have many items that are unique to them. B9 Aerospace enters the scene, offering new components for engines, cockpits, fuselages, and various crazy stuff. So angry that they purposefully work with the Procedural Wings mod so you can customize their shape and lift. Anyone serious about spaceplanes should take this seriously.


Running your flight center, producing rockets, and leading your space program are sometimes insufficient. Bring your pals over, set up several computer monitors, and create your mission control display that spans several web browsers. Telemachus accomplishes this by bringing the entire mission control experience into your living space. Add Houston, and I promise you a party experience unmatched by anyone else. Today, venture into play with your companions!

Russia’s Spacecraft

Some people have a purely romantic relationship with vintage Soviet spacecraft, and why not? Rugged, diligent, and deeply ingrained in the history of space exploration. With the help of several sets of models and components found in Soviet Parts and Rockets, you can capture some of that lightning in a bottle.

BD Arsenal

Some folks can’t enjoy a calm, soothing (even though nerve-wracking) game about exploration and research without some things that purposely blow up badly. We have a superb range of Grade-A boom-boom for them at BD Armory, including MLRS artillery, autocannons, and full-bore turrets.

Final Lines: We hope you have found all the Kerbal Space Program Mods information. Stay tuned with us at for more information and the latest news.

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