Kendall Jenner Dating History: From A$AP Rocky To Devin Booker!

Despite a minor setback in July 2022, Kendall’s relationship with her boyfriend of two years, Devin Booker, is going strong. Jenner reportedly “needed space and time away” in the past, according to a source who spoke to E! News. The same source went on to say that “they have been in touch since and do care about one another.”

They have since been seen attending a friend’s wedding together, and Kendall even uploaded a picture of her and Booker together on her Instagram story, implying that the two were back together. This is further evidence that the breakup was not permanent.

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Kendall routinely posts pictures of her basketball player boyfriend, despite her tendency to keep her personal life secret. To Andy Cohen, Kendall admitted that she was seeing NBA star Kris Humphries during the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ reunion episode: “He’s my boyfriend.”

“If anyone has ever done their research,” the model responded to the claim that she only dates basketball players, stating, “No, I actually don’t only date basketball players.”

Kendall Jenner Dating History: From A$AP Rocky To Devin Booker!
Kendall Jenner Dating History: From A$AP Rocky To Devin Booker!

Their relationship also became official on Instagram when the model and the Phoenix Suns star posted a photo together on the photo-sharing platform to mark the occasion of their first anniversary, which will occur in June 2021.

Jenner shared a few adorable photos on her account, in which the two of them can be seen looking very chummy with one another. Jenner had previously been seen sitting by himself on the sidelines of one of his games, as evidenced by a picture that was taken and posted online by a supporter of the athlete. Additionally, the two have been witnessed going on numerous adventures together.

In September of 2021, the model uploaded to Instagram a few photographs that she had taken with Booker during their vacation in Italy. According to the Hadid family, Kendall had been seeing LA Lakers player Kyle Kuzma until they broke things off.

A yacht party on the Fourth of July fueled rumors about a possible relationship between the two. They haven’t confirmed rumors of their relationship despite them circulating. People magazine published an article in November 2018 stating that Jenner had moved on from her relationship with Anwar Hadid and was seeing Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons.

The proprietor of “818 Tequila” was seen attending the player’s games, and according to Elle, the two started dating in May 2018 and broke up in August of the same year. Nevertheless, dating allegations began to circulate once more in November of 2018, after Jenner began attending Simmons’ games once more. Even more impressively, the model was seen sporting Simmons’ jersey.

When Brooklyn Nets player Blake Griffin and reality star Kendall Jenner were photographed exiting a Travis Scott concert together in August 2017, romance rumors began to swirl.

After that, they were spotted out with Hailey Baldwin and her then-boyfriend on another double date. With Jenner’s sister Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott, the couple embarked on another Universal Studios double date.

Their romance did not last, however, and ended some months later. A source tells People that the breakup wasn’t caused by any “specific turbulence” in their relationship. After a few months of dating, they broke up. Their breakup was not caused by any “specific turmoil,” according to a source who spoke to People about the end of their relationship.

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