Ken Starr Affair Whose Inquiry Into The Lewinsky Scandal Resulted In Clinton’s Impeachment!

Ken Starr Affair; When Ken Starr discovered that Clinton had lied under oath, he informed the House of Representatives of his discovery in 1998 with the Starr Report. Ken Starr, who looked into Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky and represented Donald Trump in the 2020 impeachment trial, passed away on Tuesday in Houston due to surgical complications.

According to a statement by Starr’s family, the difficulties following surgery caused Starr’s death on September 13, 2022, at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston. “We are terribly devastated by the passing of our dear and loving father and grandfather, whom we revered for his incredible work ethic, but who always placed his family first,” stated Starr’s son.

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Ken Starr

Ken Starr had a notable professional career and passed away at 76. Starr was a federal judge in the past, was a Reagan judicial appointee, and served as US Solicitor General under George H. W. Bush. Starr argued 36 matters before the US Supreme Court during his career, 25 of which occurred when he was the US Solicitor General.

According to the family statement, Starr is survived by his wife, Alice Mendell Starr, three daughters, and nine grandchildren. In Austin, he will be interred. Starr, born in San Antonio on July 21, 1946, spent 25 years teaching in various academic settings.

From 2004 to 2010, he served as dean of the Pepperdine School of Law; from 2010 to 2016, he served as president and chancellor of Baylor University. Starr, however, had lost his position as university chancellor at Baylor University because he did little to address a sexual assault controversy involving 19 football players and more than 17 women.

Ken Starr Affair

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Death Of Ken Starr

Whose Investigation Into The Lewinsky Scandal Led To Clinton’s Impeachment: The relationship between former US President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was discovered in 1998 by Starr’s Whitewater probe. More recently, he was selected to represent Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial.

Ken Starr, the federal prosecutor whose inquiry into the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal resulted in the then-US president’s impeachment in 1998, passed away on Tuesday. He was 76. His family claims that he died due to complications from surgery in Houston.

In 1994, Starr was chosen as a special prosecutor to look into the Whitewater land deal, which involved Bill and Hillary Clinton. While none of the Clintons were ever indicted in the Whitewater scandal, Starr’s inquiries widened to include the president’s liaison with 24-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky.

Investigators have sufficient information to bring about an impeachment, thanks to the former president’s attempt to hide the affair. Perjury and justice-related obstruction were charged against Clinton.

Although the Senate subsequently acquitted Clinton, the House Republicans’ impeachment of the former president in December 1998 was based on Starr’s report. Starr was enlisted to assist Donald Trump in his initial impeachment trial in 2020.

Trump described Starr as “a genuine American Patriot who loved our Country and the Law” in his tribute. The remark was made by Trump on his own social media site, Truth Social. Lewinsky’s reaction to news of Starr’s passing was conflicted as she tweeted. She asserted that “Ken Starr-related thoughts evoke a range of contradictory emotions. What’s more significant is that I assume his loved ones are grieving a terrible loss.”

Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal

Following charges that school administrators had allegedly concealed reports of sexual misbehavior, Starr was demoted and ultimately forced to leave his position as president of Baylor University in 2016. Under Starr, women claimed that the most prominent US Baptist institution disregarded their accusations of sexual assault.

According to a review that the school ordered, the Starr-led administration encouraged or tolerated a ” hostile ” environment toward the claimed victims. Starr expressed regret to “any victims who were not treated with the care, concern, and assistance they deserve” in a statement following the incident.

Jeffrey Epstein Trial

Starr was also a member of Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team. Epstein is a multimillionaire who is suspected of molesting minor females between 1994 and 2004. In 2008, he assisted Epstein in securing a plea deal for sexual assault. Instead of being charged with more serious federal offenses, the arrangement resulted in his client receiving a 13-month sentence. While awaiting his sex trafficking trial in 2019, Epstein committed suicide in a detention cell in Manhattan.

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