Kelly Clarkson Net Worth: What is The Secret Behind Her Success In 2022?

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth: Kelly Clarkson is a famous American performer, composer, author, and TV host. She became well-known after securing a record deal with RCA after coming out on top of the inaugural season of American Idol in 2002. Her first track, “A Moment Like This,” peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and ended up being the best-selling single in the United States that year.

Moreover, Clarkson also had her own talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, beginning in 2019, and she was a coach on The Voice from its fourteenth through twenty-first seasons. Clarkson has garnered a number of awards and recognitions over her career, including three MTV Video Music Awards, four American Music Awards, two Academy of Country Music Awards, five Daytime Emmy Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the next paragraph, Kelly Clarkson Net Worth has been revealed.

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth is estimated to be $45 million. Kelly Clarkson’s music career began with “American Idol.” Moreover, her enormous net worth is due to her entertainment and commercial achievements. She also wrote children’s novels successfully. Kelly Clarkson embodied the American Dream by winning American Idol.

She made the concept that everyone can become a star something American viewers could grasp and purchase. Her first album was a huge hit, and her second album became the best-selling “American Idol” alum album. She’s toured frequently, released two multi-Platinum albums, appeared as a mentor on various singing shows, and written or co-written most of her content. She’s won four AMAs, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 2 Grammys, and 3 MTV VMAs. She’s won 70 of 98 major music awards.

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Kelly Clarkson Early Years

Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born 24th, in Fort Worth, Texas On April 24th, 1982. She is the youngest of three kids, and after her parents got divorced, she was put apart from her siblings. While her brother and sister moved in with other relatives, Kelly continued to live with her mother. Clarkson has reared a Southern Baptist and credits her early life’s influences to the church.

Her first exposure to singing came when she joined the chorus in middle school. Clarkson took part in a lot of the school’s talent events and musicals after she entered high school. Kelly Clarkson turned down all of the scholarships offered to her by several institutions despite her singing prowess. She wanted to start right away and was ready to dedicate herself fully to her musical career.

Kelly Clarkson Career Life

After graduating in 2000, Clarkson recorded a demo reel. She worked many jobs to finance the recording sessions and attracted label interest. She declined offers because she feared being categorized and sold. In 2001, she moved to Los Angeles for better chances. She recorded a 5-track demo reel, but record labels rejected it. After financial issues, she returned home. She worked as a movie theatre host and cocktail server at this time.

Kelly Clarkson’s friends urged her to audition for “American Idol” once she returned home. In the show’s first season, producers played it by ear. Clarkson got her to the finals and won, starting her career. As “American Idol” winner, Simon Fuller signed Clarkson to RCA Records. “A Moment Like This” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the #1 US single of 2002. Clarkson’s debut album was “Thankful” Clarkson’s double-platinum record was complimented for her vocals.

The album includes “Miss Independent” and “The Trouble With Love Is.” Soon after, she forged her own route in the music industry by breaking relations with Simon Fuller and seeking new management. The outcome was a new album named “Breakaway.” Critics complimented the album when it was released in 2004. It was also Clarkson’s most successful album financially, selling more than 12 million copies. Following the release of her new album, Clarkson began on a 2005-2006 tour.

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson’s third album had a darker tone, which upset RCA management. They wanted Kelly to pursue a more mainstream sound, and they rebelled when Clarkson refused to accept any professional assistance. She wanted to do things her way, therefore RCA didn’t push the record as much as they had before. The album was titled “My December” and was published in 2007. Although it was well-received by reviewers and went platinum, it only sold 2.5 million sales internationally, a far cry from Kelly’s prior triumph with “Breakaway.”

Clarkson returned to a more popular sound with “All I Ever Wanted.” With its lighter tone, the album topped the Billboard Top 200 and attained platinum status again. Critics complimented Clarkson’s work once again. Clarkson traveled to support the album from 2009 to 2010. After working on “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean, Clarkson released “Stronger” in 2011 and won a Grammy. Clarkson earned plaudits when she performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the 2012 Superbowl.

During this year, she published her first greatest hits CD. In 2013, Clarkson released “Wrapped in Red,” which earned platinum. 2015 marks Kelly Clarkson’s eighth and last album with RCA. For the third time, her album reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200. Next, she signed with Atlantic and released the album “Meaning of Life” in 2017.

Kelly Clarkson Private Life

Following a nine-month engagement, Kelly and Brandon Blackstock got hitched in October 2013. Narvel Blackstock, who once served as Kelly’s manager, is the father of Brandon. For a considerable period of time, Narvel was wed to Reba McEntire. The couple made the first child’s impending arrival public in November 2013. 2014 June 12 saw the birth of their daughter. On April 12, 2016, their son was born.

What Happened After The Kelly Clarkson Divorce?

Kelly divorced in 2020. In 2020, the court gave Kelly primary custody of their two kids. Brandon asked for $430,000 in monthly child support at the time the custody judgment was made. $301,000 in spousal support and $135,000 in child support were asked. He wanted $2 million for legal fees.

Kelly filed a complaint a few weeks later, stating that Brandon had not earned a talent agent license in 13 years. She demanded a million dollars in fees. Kelly must pay Brandon $195,000 each month by April 2021. It was divided between $250,000 in spousal maintenance for two years and $45,000 in child support until their children turn 18.

Kelly must give Blackstock 5% of her Montana property by January 2022. The ranch is valued at $17.75 million, making Blackstock’s 5% share $908,000. In March 2022, they divorced. Kelly and Brandon. The ultimate agreement gave her custody of their children and most of her assets. She will pay him $115,000 in support through January 2024 and $45,000 in child support until the children are 18 years old. Kelly agreed to a $1.3 million lump-sum payment.

Kelly Clarkson Real Estate

Kelly purchased a 10,000-square-foot property in Encino, California for $8.5 million in June 2018. That was where her family lived most of the time. She had previously lived in a Los Angeles rental that had seen several break-ins. In May 2020, Kelly offered the Encino house for sale for a little less than $10 million.

When it was ultimately sold in September 2021, the price was lowered to $8.24 million from $9 million. Kelly advertised her Tennessee property for $8.75 million at the same time as the 2018 Encino purchase. In 2012, she spent $3 million on the 20,000-square-foot home in Henderson, Tennessee. This lakeside home includes 7 bedrooms, 4 acres of land, and is situated on a lake. The cost was reduced to $7.5 million in 2020.

They ultimately sold this house in June 2020 for $6.3 million. She has a secluded 275-acre property in Montana with a log home that she paid $2 million for in 2015. According to the couple’s own legal documents, the ranch’s current value is estimated to be $17 million. In June 2020, Kelly, who is now living alone, spent $5.5 million on a brand-new house in Los Angeles.

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