Katy Perry Has A Message for Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom About New “Lover” Pete Davidson

The judge from American Idol used the social networking platform on August 4 to play a game called MASH, which tries to guess your future life based on questions you answer. Users find out while playing what kind of home, automobile, number of children, and partner they might have sooner rather than later, as well as these details. Is there going to be a problem?

Katy Perry Has A Message for Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry Has A Message for Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom

The future holds a castle, a Tesla, and six more children for Katy, as she recently found out. Pete Davidson, who previously worked on Saturday Night Live, is her boyfriend, and he is a big deal. She wrote on TikTok, “No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando?)” while Cyn’s “House With a View” played in the background.

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“No offense @Kim Kardashian” It should be noted that Katy and Orlando seem to be in better shape than ever as they care for their daughter Daisy Dove, who is currently 23 months old series of shirtless fitness videos posted by her fiance. In point of fact, the singer of “Dark House” responded in a lighthearted manner on July 31.

The remark that she made was, “Babe, where did you put the cortisone cream?” “I seem to be getting a heat rash.”Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is continuing to deepen her friendship with Pete even though she lives thousands of miles away. According to a reliable insider, Pete is currently filming a movie in Australia and the two are managing to stay together.


@katyperry There is no ill will toward @Kim Kardashian. View From My House – Cyn E! News was told by a source that even when they are apart, they communicate constantly. They “constantly” use FaceTime and “always get quick phone conversations in when they can,” according to the author.

Pete’s sense of humor is also a big help in making Kim giggle. An insider told the publication, “He truly brightens her day when they speak.” The relationship works for her since she’s still in love with him. For these California Gurls, there’s no need for MASH to assure them the future is bright.

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