Jose Altuve Net Worth: What Did His Career Earn In 2022?

Jose Altuve Net Worth: Jose Altuve is widely regarded as one of the best players in the Houston Astros organization’s annals of player accomplishment. The illustrious “AstroBoy” hailing from Puerto Cabello in Venezuela served as the captain of a club that was never officially acknowledged as a champion squad.

Moreover, in 2017, he earned the American League Most Valuable Player Award, and the Hank Aaron Award, and became a World Series champion with the Houston Astros. Each of these accomplishments was a first for him. In the next paragraph, Jose Altuve Net Worth has been revealed.


Jose Altuve Net Worth

The Venezuelan baseball star Jose Altuve earns $26 million a year and has a net worth of $60 million. Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros use Jose Altuve, an All-Star second baseman, as one of their main draws. Jose Altuve and the Houston Astros agreed to a long-term contract extension in July 2013. The extension was for four years and $12.5 million, and it came after Altuve signed one-year deals totaling $483,000 and $505,700.

Optional payments of $6 million for 2018 and $6.5 million for 2019 were built into the agreement. Including incentives and milestones, he made a total of $9 and $9.5 million in those two years. A five-year, $151 million contract that Altuve signed in March 2018 will keep him in Houston until 2024 and increase his yearly compensation to $26 million. Over the course of his MLB career, Jose Altuve has earned approximately $109 million in salary alone, a sum that is expected to surpass $160 million by 2024. Apart from this, you might also be interested to read about Al Davis Net Worth.

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Jose Altuve Early Years

Jose Carlos Altuve was born on May 6, 1990, in Venezuela. He met Salvador Perez at age 7 (future major leaguer and catcher for the Kansas City Royals). They competed as children to be the greatest at baseball. At 16, he tried out for the Houston Astros, but scouts turned him down because he was too small and they felt he was lying about his age.

The next day, Jose came with his birth certificate and sought to prove himself. Team executives were impressed enough to sign him to an undrafted free agent deal with a $15,000 incentive. In 2007, Jose Altuve had a successful season in the Venezuelan Summer League and joined the Astros minor league system the following year. He was an All-Star and Houston Astros Minor League Player of the Year in 2011. He skipped the Class AAA level and was called up.

Jose Altuve MLB Career

In 2011, Jose Altuve made his big league debut and played in the All-Star Futures Game. His early success was followed by a late-season downturn. Next year, he returned to form and made All-Star. In 2014, Altuve became the first player in over 80 years with 130 hits and 40 steals before the All-Star break. He was the first Astro to win a batting title, with a.341 average.

In 2017, after the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games to win the World Series, Jose Altuve was voted AP Athlete of the Year, AL Hank Aaron Award winner, and AL MVP. He was selected Sports Illustrated’s co-Sportsperson of the Year alongside J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans for their Harvey relief efforts. In 2017, Jose Altuve was selected The Sporting News Major League Player of the Year, Baseball America’s Major League Player of the Year, and the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award winner.

Jose Altuve Net Worth

Jose Altuve was the 2019 ALCS MVP and All-MLB Second Team. His home run in the eighth inning of a tied Game 6 sent the Astros to the World Series for the second time in three years. The Houston Astros would win the World Series again in 2022, this time defeating the Philadelphia Phillies in six games, making Jose Altuve a two-time champion. Eight-time All-Star, six-time Silver Slugger Award winner, three-time AL hitting champion, and 2015 Gold Glove Award winner.

Jose Altuve Astros Cheating Scandal

The Houston Astros sign-stealing incident during their 2017 World Series run was made public in 2019. Due to allegations that he was wearing a wire and stealing team signs, Altuve’s involvement in this situation attracted national attention and criticism.

The use of a wire has been completely refuted by Major League Baseball, and Altuve has stated that the club is sorry for any wrongdoing. He has refrained from discussing any part that his teammates or the company may have played in the cheating affair.

Jose Altuve Personal Life

The fascinating story of Jose Altuve and his wife Nina (Giannina Elizabeth Cimetta Sandoval) is well worth reading. When they were just 16 years old and enrolled in high school, the pair first met. Her birthplace is Maracay, Venezuela, and she is thirty years old. The couple has two daughters.

Jose Altuve Net Worth

Jose Altuve Earnings & Contracts

Jose Altuve and the Houston Astros agreed to a long-term contract extension in July 2013 on a four-year, $12.5 million contract after signing one-year contracts of $483,000 in 2012 and $505,700 in 2013. Options worth $6 million for 2018 and $6.5 million for 2019 were included in the contract. With incentives and milestone payments, he ultimately made $9 and $9.5 million during those two seasons.

Altuve agreed to a five-year, $151 million contract in March 2018 that would keep him in Houston until 2024 and increase his yearly compensation to $26 million. Over the course of his MLB career, Jose Altuve has earned close to $109 million in pay alone; in 2024, those sums will reach $160 million.

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