John Odom Net Worth: Know About His Career And Personal Life!

John Odom Net Worth: John Odom, the 40-year-old Trump supporter, and boss of a construction company were born in 1981. He became famous thanks to his wife, Trashelle Odom. His wife reportedly accused ex-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of sexual harassment. She said Corey fondled her groin and legs.

Donor and Trump supporter John Odom, an executive of a construction company. Victoria’s Voice Foundation had a fundraiser at the Westgate Las Vegas hotel on September 6, 2021, as was widely reported. She was at Corey’s side in the audience. Throughout their marriage, John was a provider for his wife. Also, they reported it to the authorities.

Corey has also hired David Chesnoff to represent him in legal matters. In the following article, you will find detailed information about John Odam’s personal life, including his age, wiki, bio, career, net worth, family, and wife.

Corey and Alison Lewandowski have been married for 48 years and have two children. All of the allegations made against the accused were denied by him, and he claimed that someone was out to destroy his political career.

John Odom Early Life

It was in 1981 that Dom arrived on Earth. According to this information, John will be 41 years old by the year 2022. A Christian, the businessman also claims to be an avid supporter of the church. There is insufficient evidence to determine his astrological sign. John is well-educated and a university graduate, but he has never disclosed this fact. You may also read Vince Vaughn

Even in the classroom, he excelled early on. Having parents of different races himself, he shares such ancestry. It has not yet been determined who his parents were or what they did for a living. John’s upbringing was a positive one. His parents’ and siblings’ names have not been revealed to the public.

John Odom Career

To put it simply, John is an intelligent and hardworking man. On the other hand, there is scant information on his early professional life. Since 2015, John has owned and operated his own construction company, HMH Construction, while also serving as a construction executive for Trump Donor.

The Sky-Line Homes development is also owned by John. John became a well-known businessman in his area. John has worked in this field for over 20 years. His wife is also a huge help to him in the business. There is a dearth of data concerning his achievements.

John Odom Personal Life

After many happy years together, John finally tied the knot with his girlfriend Trashelle Odom on July 7, 2017. In times of need, they are quick to pitch in for one another. They have five children: a girl Scarlett Odom and Khloé Odom, and a son, Holland Odom. In Meridian, Idaho, in the United States, a family of six lives in a sprawling estate.

John Odom Net Worth
John Odom Net Worth

In September 2021, his wife also faced sexual harassment. At that moment, John was a great source of comfort for her. The statement from Trashelle’s camp also included her gratitude for her marriage to John.

Two of John and Trashelle Odom’s five children are named Holland and two are named Scarlett. There are still youngsters whose identities have not been made public. His child also goes by the name of Hudson Odom.

John Odom Net Worth

Based on projections made by Wakelet, Odom will have a fortune of over $6 million in the year 2022. To get here, he had to compete against and beat some of the world’s top race car drivers while driving a Nissan GTR in a number of races across the United States.

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