John Mulaney and Andy Samberg step in as host amid Jimmy Kimmel’s second bout with COVID-19

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel called in his friend Mike Birbiglia to guest host his late-night show after he tested positive for covid-19. Presently, after getting back to the show last week, it has happened again.

Rather than just showing up as guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, Saturday Night Live alums — and co-stars of Disney+’s new Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers reboot — John Mulaney and Andy Samberg, also filled in as last-minute guest hosts after Kimmel caught covid, again.

“Thank you so much, it is an honor and a favor to be here,” Mulaney joked at the top of their opening bit. “I guess we should explain why we’re hosting tonight. Remember how Jimmy said he didn’t have COVID but then he said he did have COVID? Well, he was right both times.”

“That’s right… Jimmy has contracted COVID again, for the second time in three weeks,” Samberg said. “And we’re thinking they should probably change the name of the show to ‘Jimmy Kimmel… Alive.’” When that line was met with hesitant laughter, he deadpanned, “It’s just a joke.”

Toward the end of their dual monologue, they were announcing their retirement from late-night TV, since “we didn’t want Corden to get all of the action,” as Samberg put it.

“Look, this is our last show, but we don’t wanna get too emotional and ruin the show by suddenly crying in the monologue. That’s Jimmy’s territory,” Mulaney added. “But, you know, to be fair to him there’s a long late-night tradition of that. Johnny Carson used to come out and weep like a child.”

“Did that really happen?” Samberg asked.

“No, he held it together,” Mulaney replied.

“Right, because he was a professional,” Samberg said.

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