Jessica Watson Net Worth: True Spirit Is Inspiring People After 13 Years Of Solo Trip

Jessica Watson, as we all know, is a widely recognised sailor who hails from Australia. Watson’s birthplace was the Gold Coast in Queensland. She has earned numerous awards and accolades in her name including the Order of Australia Medal.

She received the Order of Australia Medal after completing her solo trip at the age of 16 years. She started off her career at a very tender age because she and her siblings took sailing lessons. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Jessica Watson Net Worth.


Jessica Watson Net Worth

Jessica Watson is a wealthy explorer or sailor who is known for her work. As per our estimates, Jessica Watson’s net worth is about $5,000,000. When Jessica was 8 years old, she first went sailing. According to the Australian Museum, she and her family sailed the Pacific for five years on a 16-meter cabin cruiser when she was a child.

On the family boat when Jessica was eleven, her mother read her Lionheart by Jesse Martin. In the book, Jesse Martin wrote about his own solo sailing trip around the world. Jessica was so moved by this experience that she resolved to do the journey herself before she became 17 years old.

According to the Australian Museum, Jessica swam 6,000 miles in preparation for her solo expedition, and she also swam 6,000 miles in the ocean. She also worked as a crew member on many different ships. She was the skipper (or captain) of a crew that sailed from Australia to New Zealand across the Tasman Sea.

Jessica Watson Net Worth
Jessica Watson Net Worth

Jessica Watson’s True Spirit Is Still An Inspiration 13 years After Her Solo Trip Around The World

The Queensland teen sailed her 34-foot yacht around the world nonstop, crossing the four capes (Cape Horn, Cape Agulhas, Cape Leeuwin, and the Cape of SE Tasmania) and crossing the Equator twice, all without stopping. Possibly of interest to you Vanessa Hudgens Net Worth.

After 210 days at sea, Jessica was welcomed home to Sydney Harbour by a “overwhelming” celebration from tens of thousands of proud Australians. When her boat, Ella’s Pink Lady, was pushed down seven times by seas measuring 70 feet, she refused to give up. Most important, she had shown those who didn’t believe in her that she was real.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called Jessica a “hero” during a ceremony conducted in her honour. However, Jessica disagreed, telling him, “I’m just an ordinary girl who believed in her dream. You don’t have to be someone special, or anything special, to achieve something amazing.”

Many people will always remember her as “that girl” who sailed around the world before she could drive a car. You may also be interested in Taylor Lautner Net Worth.

True Spirit, A New Netflix Film, Recounts Jessica’s Courage And Her Story Of Triumph

Sarah Spillane, an Australian filmmaking duo, has created a film that is inspiring both Jessica’s longtime fans, who may recall the flotilla that followed her as she found her way to be reunited with her family, and a new audience eager to hear the message she has always been so passionate about spreading. Of course, there are also New Zealand connections.

Jessica’s loving parents, both of whom are originally from New Zealand, are played by Anna Paquin and Cliff Curtis, respectively. Australian actress Teagan Croft, who plays Jessica, took care to give the film’s version of the character her unique spin. Have a look at Ilhan Omar Net Worth.

She told the Today show: “We all sat down and had a big meal and talked about how we wanted to talk about a character from the ground up and create an authentic, honest character as well.”

At the age of 29, Jessica said it was “so odd” to watch herself on the big screen, but that it was a “amazing” experience overall. She said: “Teagan brings something of herself to it, as did everyone who worked on this, so it’s something in its own right as well. It’s great.”

Looking back at old footage, she said: “There’s still a little part of that extraordinary emotion that’s still with me today, just completely overwhelming… in the best possible way.” You may also like Ne Yo Net Worth.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Jessica Watson Net Worth. She is one of the richest and wealthiest sailors of the country as she headed north-east and crossed the equator in the Pacific Ocean. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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