Jemele Hill Net Worth 2022: Know About Her Personal Life And Early Life!

Jemele Hill Net Worth: American sports anchor and reporter Jemele Juanita Hill is presently employed with the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN). Her main gig at the network is alongside Michael Smith on “Sportscenter,” the show that made both of them famous. She had a difficult upbringing as a native Detroiter, reared by her single mother.

Despite this, she was able to graduate from Michigan State University with high academic honors. She started her career as a sports reporter for the Raleigh News & Observer before moving on to the Detroit Free Press. After writing for the Orlando Sentinel for a while, ESPN eventually recruited her to pen national columns.

She and Smith have been co-hosting a sports talk show on ESPN2 called “His & Hers” since 2014. In 2017, they were allowed to host “Sportscenter.” At the first annual Poynter Media conference in 2007, Hill was presented with the McKenzie Cup.

Jemele Hill Net Worth
Jemele Hill Net Worth

Jemele Hill Early Life

Hill’s birth date is December 21st, 1975, and she was born in Detroit. They uprooted to Houston, Texas in the year 1980, following her mom’s job. Some time passed, and they eventually settled back in Detroit. Hill graduated from Mumford High School in 1993 and Michigan State University in 1997. You may also read Tina Turner

Jemele Hill Career

In May of 1997, Jemele Hill started working for the Raleigh News & Observer. She stayed there for 18 months. After that, the Detroit Free Press hired her as a sports reporter to cover MSU football and basketball. Both the 2004 Summer Olympics and the NBA Playoffs saw her in action as a correspondent.

She was a regular on ESPN shows like “Sportscenter,” “ESPN First Take,” “Outside the Lines,” and “The Sports Reporters” in 2006, when she was a national columnist for the network. On Friday nights, Hill covered the game from the sidelines with Carter Blackburn and Rod Gilmore. Their podcast, His & Hers, premiered in 2011, marking her first collaboration with Smith.

Due to the show’s popularity, ESPN decided to include Hill in Smith’s 2013 episode of “Numbers Never Lie” on ESPN2. Later that year, the show was renamed “His & Hers,” and it expanded its focus beyond athletics to include social concerns, relationships, and pop culture.

On February 6, 2017, Hill and Smith were promoted as co-anchors of “Sportscenter.” Theirs is the 6 o’clock edition, and it’s called “SC6 with Michael and Jemele.”


Although ESPN management has deliberately discouraged Jemele Hill from being so outspoken about her political and social opinions in recent years, Hill has always been vociferous about these topics, which has further bolstered her combative style of journalism. She compared supporting the Celtics to claiming Hitler was a victim in an article from December of 2007.

Akin to crossing one’s fingers and praying that Gorbachev presses the big red button before Reagan does. ESPN and Hill, understandably, took a lot of heat for this. She was taken off the team and forced to apologize to the public. But that sparked yet another controversy, as another ESPN anchor, Lou Holtz, had made an identical remark but was not disciplined in the same way.

While responding to comments on a retweet of a Hill article about conservative musician Kid Rock, she called for the resignation of US President Donald Trump on September 11, 2017. She went on to describe Trump as “a racist” and “the most obnoxious president of her lifetime.”

President Trump tweeted demanding an apology and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called ESPN hypocritical for not penalizing Hill, asking them to hold all of its “anchors to a fair and consistent standard.” ESPN stated distances itself from Hill’s ideas in response to the media attention the tweets got.

Jemele Hill Personal life

Jemele Hill is the daughter of Jerel Brickerson and Denise Dennard, and she was born on December 21, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan. Heroin was a problem for Brickerson. As soon as Dennard discovered him with a needle in his arms, she determined he had no place in her and her daughter’s lives and cut ties with him. Hill’s grandmother lived in Southfield, a suburb of Detroit when she was a teenager.

Later, Hill’s relationship with her dad was repaired with the help of athletics. He was hired as a bartender at the Olympia Club at Joe Louis Arena, where his clientele included “suite-holders and bigwigs.” Having recovered from his addiction, he decided to earn a master’s degree and assist other sufferers of the disease. He’s been clean and sober for over twenty years now.

She started her academic career at Mumford High School in Detroit and continued it in 1993 at Michigan State University. She completed her degree in 1997 with a double concentration in journalism and Spanish. Colleague Kelley L. Carter, now the culture writer for ESPN’s “The Undefeated,” was her undergraduate roommate.

She has been dating the same man for several years, but she has chosen to keep their relationship hidden. She refers to her lover, who she calls “Ol’ Boy,” online.

Jemele Hill Net Worth

In 2022, Jemele Hill might have a net worth of $4 million. Hill was cut after he compared coach John Calipari to the infamous serial killer Charles Manson in an online post and was subsequently disciplined. And since he bleached his skin, baseball player Sammy Sofa, she claims, is a racist.

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