Jeff Goldblum talks about his love for India, reveals the thing which connects him to the Indian culture

There’s a string that attaches actor Jeff Goldblum with Indian culture, and it is of yoga. Also, he admits that it is further strengthened by his inclination towards Indian spirituality.

“I have been a little exposed to Indian culture through the film, The River, and then because of Wes Anderson, who went to India and made a film,” Goldblum told while referring to the movie, The Darjeeling Limited.

The actor said, “I have been a kind of a devotee and been exposed to Indian spiritual thought. The painting of Yogananda on the wall has been done by my sister, who is also very into the culture. So, I have read about it a lot, and have been very interested in it”.

He added, “I am not a yogi. I’m a student of yoga from what I understand it to be, and do meditation. I have been exposed to much in that realm. My studentship has only led me to more humility. I have realised how little I know and how much I’ve got to go to keep training myself and in how to live life correctly and in an optimal way”

In any case, that is not it, Indian food has l also found a sport to the acting legend’s heart. “ I can tell you honestly that I am crazy about Indian food. I love it to pieces. I eat too much of it when I have it because. It is the most delicious food I think on Earth,” says the actor.

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