Jason Momoa ‘Aquaman’ salary tripled, Amber Heard’s stalled amid Johnny Depp battle

Amber Heard asserted that her job in Aquaman 2 was reduced due to her continuous battle with ex husband Johnny Depp. Most recent reports currently claim that it was director James Wan and lead actor Jason Momoa who were adamant on ensuring the actress was a part of the movie.

During the shoot, Amber consistently took to her Instagram account and showcased pics and videos of her really working hard for the prep of her character. People were expecting that she should play out some high-octane action sequences in the movie. Yet, it is said that her role has been highly diminished because of the ongoing battle with Johnny.

Amber Heard reportedly trained for five hours a day, just to arrive at the Aquaman 2 sets and her costume designer tell her that her role has been “diminished.” The action sequences had been “cut out” and her job was “radically reduced”, Kathryn Arnold claimed in the ongoing Johnny Depp defamation trial.

Besides, it is claimed that Jason Momoa had the option to hike his salary from  $3 million to a whopping $15 million. Be that as it may, Amber, who was “fighting for her life” to be a part of Aquaman 2 was just paid $2 million, as in her original contract.

Arnold even added that Amber should have been able to renegotiate her contract and at least take home a sum of $6 million.

She even talked about Johnny Depp’s loss and said, “ He’s causing his own demise by bringing these lawsuits forward and continuing to ignite the fire of negative publicity around both of them.”

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