It is Now Official That Shonen Jump’s Worst Romance, Black Clover, Has Been Put Out of Its Misery

With Asta and Sister Lily’s love story, the first chapter of Black Clover’s final chapter comes to a conclusion, marking the beginning of the final drama. Asta’s decision to stop pursuing Sister Lily like a puppy with a bone is heartbreaking, but there was never any prospect of it happening. Everything would have been out of control for mangaka Yki Tabata if such a scandal had ever occurred.

However, Sister Lily had dedicated her entire life to what Asta believed, and her obsession and perseverance, in this case, went against all she stood for. Even if being married would have made Asta happy, it was Asta’s absolute lack of understanding of her own feelings and what marriage would mean to her that made this Black Clover romance one of shonen manga’s worst.

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This unlikely union will never come to fruition thanks to Black Clover’s long-awaited 332nd chapter, which concludes the series’ three-month sabbatical. Sister Lily has arrived one year and three months after the events of chapter 331 to watch Asta’s graduation ceremony, where he is awarded the title of senior magic knight, first class. Asta asks Sister Lily to marry him again at the end of the proceedings.

It is Now Official That Shonen Jump's Worst Romance, Black Clover, Has Been Put Out of Its Misery (1)
It is Now Official That Shonen Jump’s Worst Romance, Black Clover, Has Been Put Out of Its Misery (1)

This time will be the final time he asks her to do this, and she knows it from that moment on; of course, he is rejected by the woman she loves. But wait, there’s more. Asta’s next words are further evidence that he is probably done pursuing Sister Lily. This isn’t his only promise to keep; he also refuses to declare whether or not the two of them will get married. It’s the one he keeps mentioning.

Asta and Sister Lily’s love affair may have come to an end if he stays true to his word. One of manga’s most atrocious, mercifully one-sided love stories is finally laid to rest while also opening the door for Asta to get together with either Noelle or Mimosa. When Sister Lily’s heart is no longer set on him, it’s more likely that he’ll be able to find love with either of them, which means Black Clover could be looking at its greatest possible couple.

Noelle and Mimosa, on the other hand, will have to step up their efforts in order for him to notice them. It’s plausible, too. He isn’t completely oblivious to the situation. While Sister Lily is Asta’s primary romantic interest, he has previously dated a young woman by the name of Rebecca Scarlet. Since Black Clover chapter 362 closes with the new villain Lucius Zogratis facing Asta, it is unlikely that any dating will take place for quite some time.

But if, as we all hope, the war comes to an end, and this happens, it will be beautiful. The dates with Noelle and/or Mimosa would be much more interesting than Asta’s date with Rebecca Scarlet when he still had ambitions of marrying Lady Lily!

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