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Is Shatterline On Console? A New Free-to-Play First-Person Shooter

Is Shatterline On Console? Shatterline is currently PC-exclusive. The game has just entered its early access phase, which will undergo significant development. It’s currently only available on PC, but it might make its way to consoles in the future. Shatterline’s Steam website says the developers at Frag Labs are targeting February 9, 2023, for the game’s launch.

The game has eight playable operatives and twenty-five weapons that can be modified with different attachments. The three VERSUS modes (Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and Escort) are played across five maps, and the roguelike Coop mode Expedition is one of the main game types. In addition, we regularly host unique events such as other play modes and unreleased maps and modes.

Starting on Early Access Day 1, you may purchase a Season Pass that includes a free and a premium ladder. Console support could happen in the future, but it’s just a pipe dream for now. Okay, I think that covers the question of whether or not Shatterline will be available on consoles. Make sure to check back with Prima Games, as we will be adding more guides for the game soon.

The competitive mode in Shatterline was made possible thanks to player suggestions and involvement before the game’s release. We will complete the fine-tuning of the user interface and balance the game’s various modes, maps, weaponry, and operatives’ abilities. Cosmetics will be available for purchase at the store.


What is Shatterline

Frag Lab LLC, a Ukrainian indie firm, created and released the first-person shooter Shatterline for free. The game takes place in a dystopian future where an alien danger has arrived on Earth and turned most of the population into crystalline monsters. There are two playable modes in this game: Expedition and Versus. Characters called “Operatives” can be found in both game types; they are equipped with their specific abilities and weaponry.

In Expedition, a roguelike cooperative mode, you and up to two friends can line up to take on tasks in various settings. On Expedition, you’ll go forward on a linear level while fighting waves of enemies. Multiple bosses appear in each Expedition run. After completing a section and earning a Blueprint, the player can choose to continue in the adventure or return to a safe extraction point.

Players can use these Blueprints to create weapons in the online multiplayer game. As a bonus, Shatterline also has a Versus mode where players can enter matchmaking to compete in PVP multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Plant the Bomb, and Escort. The game uses tried-and-true first-person shooter mechanics, including character ultimates and a create-a-class system, much like Overwatch.

There are presently eight Operatives and twenty-five weapons available. Early access is only open on Steam, but the makers also intend to release the game for consoles. In February of 2023, Shatterline will be released in its entirety.

Shatterline Confirmed For Xbox

A large number of games, notably free-to-play ones, have made the transition from PC to console with the current generation. The most recent round of this type we’ve come across is Shatterline, a futuristic first-person shooter (FPS) that has been gaining much attention on PC since its early access release a month ago. Shatterline was released on September 8, and as of this writing, it has had over 12,000 reviews from users, resulting in a primarily positive’ average rating on Steam.

The game’s impending release on Xbox is welcome news, even though a precise release date has yet to be determined. The Ukrainian studio is currently shooting for a February 2023 PS5 release. However, as seen in the previous post, an Xbox version is in the works, and the team has recently assured us that an Xbox port is on the way; they haven’t determined an exact release date yet.

Whatever the case, we will be ready for Shatterline whenever it arrives on Xbox. It contains a rogue-lite co-op option and seems like a lot of gory fun to play. Here’s the game’s story trailer, which offers a bit of background to Shatterline’s dystopian world.

Shatterline Has Officially Launched Into Early Access

First-person shooter video games that don’t cost money have been available for a long time. Shatterline, a free-to-play first-person shooter centered on player-against-player combat, was just revealed by developer Frag Lab LLC. For those who are interested, the game is presently available for free on PC through Steam here, albeit it is still in its “early access” phase.

And since Ukraine is home to Frag Lab LLC and its gaming studio, players can rest assured that their in-game purchases will help support the Ukrainian armed forces. Players will enter a first-person shooter with roguelike characteristics, playable in various popular game modes. TDM, Conquest, Plant the Bomb, and Escort are the available game modes.

There will be over twenty-five weapons available to players, each with its attachments and eight different operatives to choose from. Frag Lab LLC had a lot of setbacks during the past few months while developing the game. For instance, despite losing its publisher, the team persevered in developing the game. The developers have patched the game, making it more stable and improving the gameplay and fighting.

It’s safe to assume that Frag Lab LLC is pleased with the arrival of its game. The notion of “Early Access” has been around for a long time and has seen both success and failure in the video game industry. Many previous developers abused the system by releasing games at wildly varying pricing and failing to deliver on their promises.

Fans of Shatterline can only hope that the developers make good use of the process, pay attention to player comments, and update and refine the game accordingly.

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