In Her Most Recent TikTok Video Madonna’s Fans Believe She Has Just Come Out As Gay

Is Madonna Gay? Madonna has recently posted a new video to her social media accounts, and some of her followers are certain she has come out as gay. The 64-year-old singer was videotaped stating she was gay if she successfully failed to toss a pair of panties into a garbage container. Since the 1980s, Madonna has been vocal about her acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

On Sunday, Madonna appeared gay on TikTok, sending her followers into a frenzy. The 64-year-old pop star tweeted a video of herself clutching pink panties with the words “If I miss, I’m Gay!” written across the frame, and it quickly went viral. She then intentionally attempts to miss a garbage can with the underpants in tow.

Despite Madonna’s lack of a caption, her fans were eager to weigh in with their interpretations below. ‘Did I witness Madonna come out? Wonderful for her,’ one user remarked. We are living through history,” another person chimed in. “Where did Madonna come from, if she came out at all? And I get to see it unfold before my eyes.

“Another voice joined the conversation. This “Material Girl” has been honest about her sexual orientation during her two marriages to Sean Penn (1985–1989) and Guy Ritchie (2000–2008). According to People, Madonna shared her theory on sexuality with The Advocate in 1991: “everyone has a bisexual inclination.”

After the music video for Madonna’s song “Justify My Love” came out, fans were curious about the singer’s identity. She later told Newsweek, “I won’t say I have never been with a woman but…I love guys.” Despite her struggles, Madonna has always been an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ rights, especially after the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Also, Read Our Trending Article  Why Velma Is An LGBTQ In The Adult Series Of The Show?

At the 30th annual GLAAD awards ceremony held in 2019, she was honored as an Advocate for Change. During her award speech, she remarked, “Fighting for all marginalized people is a duty and an honor I could not turn my back on and would never.” Madonna told Newsweek that she had lost several friends to AIDS and had traveled to Mexico searching for experimental treatments.

“Once you know what love is like, you’ll have a better grasp of what it takes to become a human being and why it’s everyone’s responsibility to fight, advocate, and do whatever it takes to make a difference. In the fight for liberation, Madame X “after that went on.

It’s safe to say that Madonna is having the time of her life while the internet waits for her to finally explain the meaning of the video (if she ever does).

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