Is J Balvin Gay? J Balvin Responds Rumours About His Sexuality

Is J Balvin Gay? When accepting the Artist of the Year award at Premios Los Nuestro last week, Balvin remarked, “I want everyone to get out of the box, be yourself.” If you have blue, pink, or yellow hair, a broken tooth, or other sexual preferences… “Be yourself, and constantly battle for your happiness.”

His comments drew much attention, and many fans wondered if Balvin was considering coming out of the closet.

“If I were gay, I would have already shown you, my partner, giving him tiny kisses, but I love ladies – and a lot!” Balvin stated in the description of his video clip. “I stated [during the award show] that people should do what makes them happy.”


Introduction To Balvin’s Profession

Even when smeared in poop, it’s great to be José Alvaro Osorio Balvin. The South American pop star didn’t lose his cool when a tortoise urinated all over his Versace silk pajamas. As he admires the Anish Kapoor piece, it’s possible that Balvin is reflecting on his extraordinary wealth.

The musician has so many luxury timepieces and real estate holdings that a YouTube video was made to rank his collection on a scale from one to ten (he scored a 7.5). Although 34-year-old J Balvin isn’t necessarily a household name in the UK, he’s one of the most successful musicians in the world right now, according to the numbers.

Monthly streaming numbers for the Colombian now surpass those of Drake, Justin Bieber, and Cardi B, proving his success in revitalizing reggaeton. He’s second only to Ed Sheeran in popularity.

After Being Branded Gay By Fans, How Did He Respond?

If Balvin’s wealth, record-setting, and number-one status seem unbelievable, it’s because they are. A few years ago, when his career was on the rise, he went through “an enormously stressful moment in life; everything was going wild for me.” Too many doors had closed in my face. He says he “let individuals do what they liked” with his money. Thus things got out of control.

Fear and worry began to consume him. They said it was because of whispers about him being gay. “The worst part is the heart,” the author writes. “You feel like you’ve been lifted out of your body and aren’t even aware of your breathing.” And, of course, this emptiness here,” he thumps his chest.

I know firsthand how terrible and challenging life is there. He started feeling quite down and depressed. To put it plainly, “that was the worst time of my life,” he says. “Depression research is severely underfunded.”

What Balvin Thinks of His LGBT Fans?

Balvin, too, uses his celebrity to promote his ethical beliefs. He encourages his LGBT listeners by declaring, “It’s all about love.” He claims, “A lot of my closest friends are gay,” and adds that he dyed his hair rainbow hues in celebration of this year’s Pride. When he discovered that Donald Trump had invested in the Miss USA pageant in 2015, he canceled his appearance. Check Out Other Related Article JP Morgan Chase Bank

Balvin’s first TV appearance in the United States was canceled when the then-presidential candidate made racist and xenophobic comments about undocumented Mexican immigrants. He states categorically, “You can’t buy ethics, and ethics aren’t negotiable.”

The United States was a place where I could work illegally while I sought my dream. Once upon a time, I was a house painter, dog walker, and roofer. I remember thinking, “He’s mad!” when [Trump] said that.

Is J Balvin Gay?

He is not. The Colombian singer/rapper has only dated women throughout his dating history. It was when he colored his hair a rainbow color that the rumors began. But he said he was straight when questioned about the story.

Balvin’s primary motivation in performing the stunt was to express his solidarity with the LGBT community. Since many of his closest friends are gay or otherwise members of the LGBT community, the rapper has long been an outspoken advocate for their rights.

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