Illinois Gaming Board ! Must Read How To Obtain A Video Gaming License?

Illinois Gaming Board: The state entity enforcing the legislation and regulating casino gambling, video gaming, and sports betting in Illinois is known as the Illinois Gaming Board. The safety and integrity of Illinois gambling are the responsibility of the Gaming Board. The Governor appoints, and the Senate confirms the five-person advisory board.

The Administrator oversees the Gaming Board’s daily operations and activities. The Gaming Board manages and upholds regulation, licensing, supervision, and tax collecting processes through the Administrator and sworn and civilian agency staff.

The Riverboat Gaming Act was passed in Illinois, the second State in the country, legalizing riverboat gambling in February 1990. The first riverboat casino debuted in Alton in September 1991. Currently, Illinois has eleven casinos with operating licenses. Since the Video Gaming Act in July 2009, licensed retail establishments, truck stops, and veteran and fraternal establishments have been able to install video gaming terminals (VGTs).

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On June 28, 2019, the Illinois Gambling Act came into effect. The Act significantly increased casino gambling and video gaming throughout the State, among other essential changes to Illinois gaming law, including the legalization of sports betting (both online and in brick-and-mortar venues).


Operations & New Facilities Under Rebuild In Illinois

New Riverboats And Casinos

For new casinos and riverboats, several licenses are permitted. The following summarizes the locations, license costs, and authorized gaming positions.

Illinois Gaming Board

Increased Gaming Positions At Existing Riverboats

The maximum number of gaming positions for currently operating riverboats rose from 1,200 to 2,000. For each new gaming position acquired, licensees outside Cook County must pay $17,500, while that inside Cook County must pay $30,000 per position. The Rebuild Illinois Projects Fund receives all proceeds.

Standardbred Racetrack In Cook County

The following Cook County townships’ racetracks will each receive one license for a standardbred: Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, Orland, Rich, Thornton, or Worth.

Gaming At Horse Racing Tracks

Any organization holding a racetrack license may apply for grants to allow gambling at racetracks. Table games, video games, electronic gambling, and slot machines are all allowed.

$250k License Fee (new and renewal). With all earnings going to the Rebuild Illinois Projects Fund, the gaming position fee is $17,500 for positions outside Cook County and $30,000 for jobs inside Cook County. There are 1,200 gaming positions in Cook County and up to 900 outside of Cook County.

Gaming At Airport

A Chicago casino is permitted to run slot machine-only gaming activities at an airport administered by the Chicago Department of Aviation.

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How To Obtain An Illinois Video Gaming License

Obtaining a gaming license in Illinois involves several requirements and procedures. Below are a few pointers to get you going.

How to apply for a permit to the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB):

  • Make sure your location is in a city or county that permits video gaming.
  • You must belong to one of the categories of legally operating video gaming establishments in Illinois.
  • To be a licensed gaming establishment, your institution needs to have an on-premise liquor license, which means that you serve alcohol for consumption on the premises of your location unless you meet the requirements for a truck stop.
  • It takes some effort to submit an IGB license application online. It consists of ten components, and some private documents must be signed, scanned, and uploaded to be included in the submission.
  • You will be giving your agreement to a thorough background check when you submit your application for yourself (if you’re an owner or key employee), any other co-owners, and maybe numerous management staff. Your application may be rejected if the background check reveals information regarding any of the owners or key employees under review, including a lengthy criminal history, specific convictions, or dubious business associations. It takes time and preparation to become a licensed video gaming establishment in Illinois. Before you can operate video gaming terminals (VGTs) at your location, there are several technical and regulatory requirements to meet.

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Background Check For Gaming License

Background checks for gaming licenses are one of the main requirements set forth by the Illinois Gaming Board. Anyone applying for an Illinois gaming license from the Illinois Gaming Board must pass this background check by the Illinois Video Gaming Act.

  • The background check for a gaming license will look into important information like:
  • Complete audits of the Illinois video gaming establishment’s managers and business owners.
  • Any offenses, including misdemeanors, unpaid bills, and domestic disputes, are public records.
  • A negative drug test.
  • Failure to abide by the norms and restrictions of the Video Gaming Act.

Upon initial registration, the Illinois Gaming Board will also need a pair of fingerprints from each business owner, and background checks for gaming licenses will be reviewed annually.

Illinois Gaming Board

IGB Requirements For Licences

The Illinois Gaming Board will carefully consider the applicants’ backgrounds and managerial skills as they review the application materials. Top qualifications and conditions for an Illinois gaming license include:

  • Honesty and integrity have a clear history.
  • A background checks free of any criminal convictions or other incidents that would have endangered the citizens of Illinois.
  • The video gaming sector in Illinois has never had any problems.
  • There is no history of dubious business methods or unethical financial arrangements, whether related to activities involving video gaming in Illinois or not.


Each year, as part of the renewal of the establishment’s business license, all license payments are paid.

  • $500 application fee for video games
  • The license fee for video gaming: $1000 per terminal
  • Six terminals maximum per establishment.
  • Click on the relevant ordinance link to view the fee determination or to review the ordinance’s comprehensive restrictions.

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