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I Am Legend 2 Release Date: How Is Will Smith Alive In This Series?

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 Release Date: Given how I Am Legend ends, news of a sequel is intriguing. As a society, we can now empathize with those affected by a pandemic and understand what it’s like to fight back against a global killer. Even though the film’s star, Will Smith, made news for all the wrong reasons at the 2022 Academy Awards, the sequel has been officially greenlit.

Smith intends to make a sequel to the film he directed in 2007. This means that I Am Legend 2 has the potential to mark his return to the silver screen. Despite Smith’s Best Actor Oscar win earlier this year, the night was marred by his slap at Chris Rock, one of the night’s most embarrassing moments.

It’s only a matter of time before Will Smith returns to the ring, though, as he is unquestionably one of the most established stars in Hollywood. Will Smith will not let this opportunity to win over critics and moviegoers with I Am Legend 2 slip through his fingers.

The life of scientist Robert Neville is the subject of the biographical film I Am Legend. With no one to rely on but his dog Samantha, he carefully makes it through the harsh post-apocalyptic streets of New York City. His wife and small daughter were killed, and he is haunted by their memories.

Robert uses his scientific knowledge to try to find a cure for the mutants’ sickness in a last-ditch effort to save humanity after a virus engineering experiment gone bad has transformed nearly the entire human population into voracious, homicidal, physically enhanced mutants.

Robert maintains a routine that ensures his security every day. In order to avoid being tracked back to his flat, he sprinkles salt around the building and then murders the mutants he encounters. He does this even while he works tirelessly to find a solution to the pandemic that could wipe out the human race.

At first, things go swimmingly for Robert and Sam, but then a mother and daughter arrive, on their way to the last human colony to avoid infection, and throw everything off kilter.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 Plot

Both the novel and the film’s potential alternative ending provide hints as to where the sequel to I Am Legend will pick up. The film’s main theatrical ending is touching, yet it only shows one side of the story. After finding the virus’s cure and providing an escape route for his team, Neville looks at the crumbling wall separating him from the irate mutants to see a butterfly.

Neville takes the fact that his young, recently deceased daughter had a penchant for pointing out butterflies as a portent of her impending death. After the mother and daughter flee with the cure, he plows himself into the glass and detonates a grenade, bringing his story to an apparent end.

It gets complicated now. While researching the mutants, Neville learns that despite their hatred for humans, they have their own culture, rules, and interpersonal relationships, as depicted in the book and film adaptations. Even so, he finds them so repulsive that he can’t bring himself to care about the revival of what he once thought of as humanity.

Legend in Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name emphasizes Neville’s cruel treatment of mutants. This includes conducting inhumane experiments on them and seeking to eradicate them in any way possible. In contrast to the film’s premise that he will become a hero after finding a cure for their disease, this has made him an outcast.

As the mutants have become the dominant species, and Neville has made himself their mortal enemy, he is portrayed in the book as the embodiment of violence and destruction. After coming to this conclusion, Neville stops trying to kill the mutants and instead focuses on killing himself. You may also read Beetlejuice 2 Release Date

Fans of the novel who were offended by the film’s portrayal of Neville as a sacrificial hero were appeased when Will Smith’s adaptation released a new ending. Here, Neville still had these epiphanic moments but avoided death. Now he must face the loneliness of his harshness and his remorse alone.

There are three possible outcomes to the first film that will influence the second: Neville’s death and legacy as the legend who cured the mutants’ virus; Neville’s death and legacy as the monster who tried to eradicate the mutants just because they were different from him; or Neville’s survival and lifelong guilt for having attempted to eradicate the mutants just because they were different from him.

It appears likely that the first film’s implausible finale will be rewritten for the second film’s extraordinarily incredible plot. Ultimately, we’ll probably get a shocking conclusion that combines elements from several different possibilities.

But this isn’t the only mystery that I Am Legend 2 presents. It’s unclear how Will Smith will be featured in the film if it’s set in a universe where his character, Robert Neville, perished in the events of the first installment. Since Smith is an executive producer and co-star, he has no reason to leave the production, hence Dr. Neville can only appear in flashbacks. Then they’ll use photoshop to make Robert Neville look as he did before the end of the world.

I Am Legend 2 Cast

To Be Legendary With an appearance from Will Smith and Dog from Warner Bros.
Until Michael B. Jordan approached him about a sequel, Will Smith reportedly declined all offers. Jordan, who starred in Black Panther and Creed and contributed to their huge popularity, will co-star with Smith in the picture.

Even the original film’s screenwriter, Akiva Goldsmith, is committed to the sequel. A producer has said that Jordan’s pitch for the sequel film was so “unbelievably amazing” that they had to bring this universe back to the big screen.

Because the first film left off on a cliffhanger, these developments take on added significance. Smith’s Neville gives his life by getting caught in a grenade blast so that his mother and daughter can get to the final human colony and share the treatment he developed. What did Jordon say that convinced Will Smith to bring this story back?

The cultural gap between the two warring societies who want to destroy each other because they can’t figure out how to communicate with and live beside one another is likely to be exploited in the second film. Hollywood actively participates in the de-othering of people and groups who may be different from what stereotypes or mainstream society suggest.

The book and film were ahead of their time and replete with subtleties that can inform and lead audiences today, even if they softened the harsh realities of being one of the few remaining members of an increasing minority species.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 has not yet been scheduled for a release date. The year after next seemed like the most likely time, but after the events of this year’s Oscars ceremony and Will Smith’s involvement in the film Emancipation, which is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in 2023.

It’s safe to say that I Am Legend 2 will not be released until at least 2024. The movie’s ardent followers can’t wait to see what the film’s creative team has come up with.

Where Can We Watch I Am Legend 2?

Tubi is the only place to stream I Am Legend without paying a dime, but you do have to sign up for an account to watch. It is, however, available for purchase or rental via services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and others.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

How Is Will Smith Alive In I Am Legend 2?

The alternative ending of the first film, in which Neville is shown to have survived, is often cited as the main reason why Will Smith could return for I Am Legend 2. This follows his realization that the Darkseekers aren’t the mindless monsters he had assumed them to be and the success of his cure.

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