How to Solve HTTP Error 500! Two Methods Explained Step By Step!

HTTP Error 500: Solving a riddle is similar to troubleshooting an HTTP 500 internal server issue. All you know is that something is wrong and needs to be fixed; you have no idea what occurred or why. Let’s discuss what the dreaded HTTP 500 internal server error implies and its most frequent causes and solutions to help you through the difficulty of troubleshooting.

What Is An Internal Server Error Code 500 On HTTP? An HTTP 500 internal server error indicates that your web server has issues but cannot identify the precise error or its underlying causes. When this occurs, visitors to your website will receive a general internal server error web page.

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If You See A 500 Internal Server Error While Trying To Load A Page:

1. Update The Page

Although it may seem apparent, refreshing the website may help if there is a temporary loading problem. Reload the page and observe the results before attempting anything else on this list.

2. Check Back Later

Since the problem is on the server, I’m prepared to wager that the website’s proprietors are attempting to fix it as soon as possible. Reload the URL to see whether the development team has addressed the problem after a few minutes or up to an hour.

3. Clear The Cookies From Your Browser

You might try erasing your browser’s cookies if clearing the history doesn’t work. Reloading the page may be aided by removing the cookies if they are connected to the website that frequently experiences errors.

4. Copy & Paste Your URL Into The “Down For Everyone Or Just Me” Website

Enter the URL where you are experiencing the internal server error at Either you’ll be informed that the website is down just for you or that it is down for everyone. This should alleviate any worries about the issue with your machine if it is a server-related problem.

HTTP Error 500

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Website Is Displaying A 500 Internal Server Error

1. Turn Off A Plugin Or Theme

Recently activated software, add-ons, or third-party scripts may be incompatible with how your server is now set up. To find out what is generating the internal server problem, try (carefully) deactivating or removing each software add-on separately.

It’s simple to accomplish this using plugin if you manage a WordPress website. Deactivate the first plugin by selecting Plugins > Installed Plugins from your dashboard. If the issue is fixed, you know this plugin is a contributing factor.

Determine which plugins are causing your error by reactivating the first one, then carry out this deactivate-reactivate process one at a time for each plugin. You could discover that having fewer active plugins on your site makes things operate more smoothly.

A different possibility is that your present plugins or themes won’t work with your recently upgraded software. The simplest way to identify the source of your issue is to deactivate plugins or themes one at a time until the error goes away.

2. To Find The Problem, Use A Plugin Like WP Debugging

If you’re familiar with WordPress debugging procedures and your website is powered by WordPress, you could want to install a plugin to help you find the server problem. For example, the debug plugin WP Debugging aids in pinpointing the specific issue with your site, allowing for a quicker fix.

3. Make Sure Your PHP Configuration Is Proper

Consider adding timeout controls or error handling to your script if a PHP timeout causes the problem. Here is a complete collection of php.ini directives for setting up your PHP environment. Incorrect permissions on a file or folder that contains a script, such as a PHP or CGI script, prevent the hand from running. Make sure your server’s permissions are correctly set by checking them.

4. Check The .htaccess File Code For Your Website

Your. htaccess file’s incorrect coding or poor structure could cause the 500 internal problems you’re experiencing. Using the, you may control how long resources should be kept in a browser’s cache. htaccess file. If you see a 500 internal server problem, try modifying the file.

Access your website’s files using FTP/SFTP or a file manager like cPanel to find you. htaccess file. Most likely, the file will be found in your public HTML directory. An HTTP 500 internal server error can also result from coding issues in custom scripts and. htaccess files. If your server hides this file by default, you’ll need to turn on hidden files to see it.

5. Check To See That Your New Program Is Installed Properly

Last but not least, verify that the recently upgraded or installed software was unsuccessful in installing or upgrading. See the vendor’s website for details on updating your program.

HTTP Error 500

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Ask A Server Administrator For Assistance As A Last Resort

You should read about the most frequent causes of this problem in your server’s documentation if troubleshooting well-known software issues or debugging server-side scripts doesn’t resolve your HTTP 500 internal server error.

An HTTP 500 internal server error can occur in various operating systems for multiple reasons. You can also request that your service provider looks through your error logs to identify the primary source of your issue.

In general, internal server errors are the web server’s way of expressing, “Eh, I’m not sure.” Hopefully, one of the above methods will fix the issue so you may resume your normal activities.

A 500 Internal Server Error Solutions

A 500 internal server error differs from other server-side problems like a 502 or 503 code in that it doesn’t instantly identify the issue or instruct you on how to fix it. On your website, the case could potentially have a detrimental effect on your SEO if it lasts too long. So let’s examine a few possible reasons for the error. After that, we’ll offer some solutions so you may try to resolve the problem.

Possibilities For 500 Internal Server Error Causes

As the name suggests, a 500 internal server error refers to a general issue with the website’s server. This likely indicates a problem or transient fault with the website’s code.

A 500 Internal Server Error May Have Several Possible Causes, Such As:

  • Corrupted or broken .htaccess file
  • A permissions error
  • Faulty third-party plugins or themes
  • The PHP memory limit is exceeded

Fortunately, there are a few practical fixes for most of these issues.

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