How To Watch Pro Bowl 2023: Is Skill Contests Involve Showing Off Your Abilities To Compete And Win Prizes?

For the 2022–23 season, the traditional NFL Pro Bowl has undergone several changes. The redesigned Pro Bowl Games give new vitality to the time-honored tradition of gathering the best players in the league. The celebrations began on Thursday night with a skills competition, will continue on Sunday, and will come to a close with three flag football games later that day.

The winning conference from each skills competition receives three points, while the winning conference from the first two flag football games receives six points. The games will be scored cumulatively. The beginning score for the third and final flag football game will be determined by adding the sums together. The Pro Bowl Games will be won by the winning conference from that match.

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How To Watch Pro Bowl 2023

From 3-6 p.m. ET on Sunday, the action will be broadcast on ESPN and ABC in the US. Here are several ways for you to watch these teams and the rest of the league in action from wherever.

How To Watch Pro Bowl 2023
How To Watch Pro Bowl 2023
  • NFL Game Pass, ESPN, and 7Plus in Australia
  • NFL Game Pass and ESPN in Brazil
  • Canada: NFL Game Pass on DAZN, CTV, TSN, RDS
  • NFL Game Pass, ProSieben MAXX, and DAZN in Germany
  • Mexico: TUDN, ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, NFL Game Pass
  • UK: Sky Sports, ITV, Channel 5, NFL Game Pass

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Skill Contests Involve Showing Off Your Abilities To Compete And Win Prizes!

On Thursday night, the skills events got underway. Players played in five distinct categories that tested their skills in both football- and non-football-related competitions with a focus on having fun. Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball, Lightning Round, Longest Drive, Precision Passing, and Best Catch were the competitions. In addition to the usual passing and catching techniques, these games included sports like dodgeball, golf, and water balloon toss.

Players will compete in the Gridiron Gauntlet, Kick Tac Toe, and Move the Chain events on Sunday in addition to the Best Catch championship match. These competitions are generally concerned with strength, speed, and agility.

Why Flag Football?

The most significant difference between this year’s Pro Bowl and previous ones is the substitution of a standard football game with flag football contests. Players are less likely to sustain injuries by eliminating tackles and high-impact collisions. Players can ideally concentrate on the competition at hand and compete at a quicker tempo without worrying about injuries.

Why Flag Football?
Why Flag Football?

Who Is In Command?

The AFC is in the lead after the games on Thursday. Derek Carr, the quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, stood out and triumphed in the Precision Passing competition. With Terry McLaurin of the Commanders making the day’s best catch, the AFC also won the Lightning Round. Their 320-yard walk-off drive by Bills safety Jordan Poyer helped them win the Longest Drive competition in the end.


The San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle’s toss in the Dodgeball match sealed the NFC’s lone victory in the competition. Fans vote for the winners of the Best Catch competition, and the winners will be chosen to compete in the Best Catch final on Sunday. You can follow us on Twitter.

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