How to find baby formula alternatives amid shortage

If you find yourself looking at low levels of baby formula to keep your baby healthy and fed at home, we are here to help. Have a look.


1. Shop beyond the grocery store

A bare grocery store might cause a sense of panic, however, but know that your local grocery isn’t the only spot to buy infant formula. You might be amazed to find a better supply at convenience store chains, local pharmacies and baby specialty stores in your area.

2. Ask your pediatrician for assistance

If your baby requires a specific formula, your pediatrician can call in for medical requests to get them exactly what they need.

3. Try a new baby formula brand

As new mothers know, there is a lot of brand loyalty with regard to baby formula. Changing child formulas can be frightening and can cause varying issues if it’s done too rapidly, but know that trying new formula can be done safely. Speak with your child’s baby’s pediatrician about options and alternatives, which they can guide you through.

4. Start your baby on solid foods

You should continue feeding with formula until your child turns 1 year old, yet in the event that your child is over a half year, you can begin to supplement nutrition with some solids.

5. Give breastmilk a try

While we know that numerous families use formula because they either need to supplement, can’t breastfeed or prefer not to, your own breast milk isn’t the only option for your baby. There are breast milk banks that can provide safe, pasteurized breast milk for your baby.

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