How Old Was Marilyn Monroe When She Died? Know The Actual Cause Of Her Death!

How Old Was Marilyn Monroe When She Died? On July 1, 1926, Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson. According to Blonde, Marilyn had a tumultuous upbringing, with her mother Gladys spending time in a psychiatric hospital and her sister Norma Jeane becoming a state ward. Monroe’s career as a pin-up model in the 1940s paved the way for her early acting roles and, subsequently, her global celebrity status.

Instead of being a biopic, Blonde is based on a novel by Joyce Carol Oates about Marilyn Monroe’s life and, as such, makes numerous alterations to the actual events leading up to her death. On August 4, 1962, just a few months after turning 36, Marilyn Monroe tragically passed away. Due to her history of suicidal thoughts and the large number of drugs found in her system, the coroner ruled Monroe’s death a suicide.

Over the years, there has been much conjecture about the circumstances of Monroe’s death; some believe the overdose was accidental, while others think she was murdered. While remaining faithful to the known facts, Blonde significantly alters the setting of Monroe’s suicide.

How Old Was Marilyn Monroe When She Died?

Marilyn Monroe passed away on August 4, 1962, at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. She was 36 years old. She had died of acute barbiturate intoxication, according to the official autopsy report (overdosing on the sedative and sleep-inducing drugs). Since Marilyn’s drug levels were several times the legal limit, deputy coroner Thomas Noguchi ruled that her death was likely a suicide.

Marilyn’s empty medicine bottles piled up next to her bed. Housekeeper Eunice Murray reported the alert about Marilyn. When she knocked on Marilyn’s door in the wee hours of August 4, she spotted a light but received no answer.

She contacted Monroe’s doctor, Ralph Greenson, who later entered the room through a window and discovered the actress dead on her bed. Marilyn’s doctor Hyman Engelberg made the formal death announcement at 3:50 a.m. This past August 4, 2022, marks the official 60th anniversary of Marilyn’s demise.

Did Marilyn Die Of An Overdose?

The official cause of death has been ruled as an overdose for Marilyn. Bottles of chloral hydrate and Nembutal, a sedative and anticonvulsant, were reportedly found by Marilyn’s bed, and an autopsy concluded that she had died from acute combined drug toxicity.

There was no pill residue in her stomach, and no water glass was located in her room, suggesting she may have needed water to help her swallow many tablets. Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht told People that this indicates “she might have been injected” with the narcotics.

The toxicologist was supposedly ordered to analyze samples taken from Marilyn’s stomach and small intestines by the coroner, but these tests were never conducted.

What Happened Before Her Death?

Marilyn’s mental health had been in decline for several years before her untimely demise. According to Gothamist, Marilyn was admitted to the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic in 1961 at the urging of her New York-based psychiatrist, Dr. Marianne Kris, a full year before she died of an overdose.

According to The New York Times, Marilyn detested her time at the facility and departed when her ex-husband John DiMaggio picked her up three days later. She told her psychiatrist, “I felt I was in some kind of prison for a crime I hadn’t done.” DiMaggio reportedly transferred her to a rehab facility after realizing she needed help with her substance abuse problems (as reported by StyleCaster).

What Did Marilyn Say Before She Died?

Dr. Greenson, Marilyn’s therapist, reflects on their time together in the summer before her untimely death. She “couldn’t sleep” and “stated how useless she felt,” he told Vanity Fair in 1991. She claimed that she was an ugly waif and that people were only friendly to her because they wanted something from her. According to her, “life isn’t worth living anymore,” as Dr. Greenson put it.

What New Evidence Is Revealed In The Documentary?

The documentary casts doubt on the specifics of Marilyn’s death, including the date, location, and possible companions. According to the movie, she likely passed away in the ambulance en route to the hospital rather than at home. Walter Schaefer, the owner of an ambulance service, says in the film, “No, she wasn’t [dead at home].”

Schaefer claims that despite appearing unconscious, Marilyn was alive when EMS took her hospital. According to the documentary’s author, John Sherlock, Greenson told him that Marilyn was still active at home but passed away in transit to the hospital. Sherlock says, “She passed away in the ambulance.” Then they brought her back inside the house.

When I asked [Greenson] where he was, he said, “In the ambulance.” However, pictures show her body being removed from her house on a dolly, which throws a wrench into the investigation. Author Anthony Summers states in the documentary, “What I uncovered was material that overturned fundamentally what we thought we knew about her unexplained death.”

According to him, the shifting explanation “suggests that the circumstances of her death were hushed up.”

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