How Old Is Sofie Dossi? How Did Sofie Dossi Get So Flexible?

How Old Is Sofie Dossi? American contortionist, gymnast, aerialist, T.V. personality, YouTuber, social media influencer, blogger, and entrepreneur Sofie Dossi (born June 21, 2001) is a 20-year-old internet sensation from Cypress, California. Sofie’s bio on Twitter claims she learned to do acrobatics, hand balancing, and contortion on her own.

Dossi is a professional gymnast who has appeared on countless reality T.V. shows. These include Challenge Chalice, Physics Girl, The Talent Show, and many more. Other than that, Dossi became famous after he won the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent and advanced to the show’s finals.

Sofie has also appeared on a wide range of television programs, including Ellen DeGeneres’s show in 2003, K.C. Undercover in 2015, Boss Cheer in 2018, and Bizaardvark in 2016. In addition to this, her channel on YouTube is famous for her humorous prank videos, vlogs, and travelogues. Her official YouTube account has over 6.28 million viewers.

She posted a video to her channel on August 28, 2021, titled “MEET MY BOYFRIEND!” In just one day, this video amassed over 1.4 million views and became a viral sensation on YouTube. Sofie Dossi’s wiki, biography, age, boyfriend, spine, net worth, phone number, and way of life are all detailed here.


Sofie Dossi (Age, Birthday & Education)

Sofie Dossi, a gifted gymnast, was born to American parents on June 21, 2001, in Cypress, California. She comes from a religious family. Dossi is 20, as indicated by her birthday (2021). Every year on June 21, Sofie celebrates her birthday by eating cake.

Growing up, she always had a passion for gymnastics. Sofie reportedly began training as a Contortionist at a young age. She graduated from an exclusive high school in the area. She then started her career as a professional gymnast. Sofie is currently a well-known gymnast and contortionist.

Sofie Dossi Family

The Sofie Dossi Wikia: Sofie Dossi is reported of a multiethnic heritage. Her mother is from the Arab world, and her father is of Italian ancestry. Dossi considers himself a devout Christian. Dossi was born with Cancer. Her family had been established for some time when she was born. Her dad, who goes by the name “Mike Dossi,” is a successful entrepreneur.

On the other hand, her mother goes by the name “Abir Dossi.” Zak Dossi is the name of her brother. Sofie’s social media accounts feature numerous images of her and her brother. Allow me to introduce Zak, a music producer. Dossi values time with her loved ones. Sofie Dossi has a special relationship with her grandma.

She also captioned a photo she posted on Instagram of herself and her grandmother: Because of my grandmother’s unwavering love and encouragement, I’ve learned to always look on the bright side of life. I owe so much to her for her support and wisdom.

She has helped me grow into a more resilient person. And if Mother’s Day could be different this year, our unity and diversity would strengthen us. Along with this, you may be read also Was Jeffrey Dahmer In The Army?

Who Is Sofie Dossi Dating?

We discovered that Sofie Dossi is dating her long-term partner “Dom Brack” after perusing her Instagram account. I should also mention that Dom has made his name as a famous TikTok developer and celebrity.

Numerous YouTube videos created by Sofie feature him. Sofie Dossi uploaded a video to YouTube in August 2021 titled MEET MY BOYFRIEND!, which has now amassed over a million views. In her spare time, Sofie enjoys visiting new places with her pals.

Sofie Dossi Early Career

Reports indicate that Sofie Dossi has been training herself in the arts of contortion, gymnastics, and aerial performance since she was a little girl. At the age of 12, she had already mastered the art of contortion and aerial acrobatics. As if that weren’t enough, she also learned to shoot a bow and arrow on her own.

She has also been involved in many extracurriculars at her school. After finishing high school, she began appearing in talent competitions, including Teens wants a Know, The Talent Show, and Challenge Chalice. When she showed off her exceptional gymnastic skills, everyone was stunned. Dossi, a gymnast, has also posted photos of herself in challenging contortionist stances.

Sofie Dossi Net Worth

Sofie Dossi (born Sofie Clarice Dossi) is a famous American actress, gymnast, contortionist, content creator, YouTuber, and social media influencer. In 2022, Sofie Dossi will have a $3 million fortune. She gained widespread attention as a season 11 finalist on the renowned reality T.V… show America’s Got Talent.

Her self-titled YouTube channel has garnered a large following for her vlogs, reactions, pranks, viral gaming challenges, and personal lifestyle videos. She is not only a massive hit on YouTube but also on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of others.

Sofie Dossi Flexibility

Dossi’s gymnastics and dance training as a kid laid the groundwork for her later contortion abilities, but it was just the beginning. In an interview, she explained, “I always loved gymnastics and dance, and it was like put those two together, plus my particular gift of having a flexible back.”

Final Lines: We genuinely hope the details we provided satisfy your needs. This article discusses Sofie Dossi’s age. If you liked this article, kindly share your ideas in the comments. Visit to read about Cynthia bailey’s net worth.

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