House Of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 8: What Did The King Say At The End Of Episode 8?

House Of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 8: Season 1 Episode 8 of “House of the Dragon”: Another time jump opens the most recent episode of “House of the Dragon.” The eighth episode, titled “The Lord of the Tides,” is the most heartfelt one so far. A possible one of the complete ‘Game of Thrones series. For the first time, House of the Dragon ends on a high note with this episode.


House Of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 8 Recap:

Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Daemon’s wedding and the subsequent six years since the presumed death of Laenor have passed (Matt Smith). While her husband, Lord Corlys, is away for an extended period, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best) acts as the de facto head of the Velaryon household at Driftmark.

It seems that the Triarchy is causing problems again, and now Lord Corlys has been seriously hurt in battle. Vaemond, Corlys’ (Wil Johnson) brother, takes this as his chance to usurp the lordship of Driftmark for himself, despite Corlys’ (Elliot Grihault) preference that his grandchild, Lucerys Velaryon, take the throne.

According to Vaemond, Lucerys is not a genuine Velaryon (which he is not wrong about). Daemon and Rhaenyra learned that Vaemond had asked to be Driftmark’s heir. To maintain control over Lucerys’ claim, Rhaenyra’s team also heads to King’s Landing. It is now the Queen, not the King, who rules the country from King’s Landing.

House Of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 8
House Of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 8

A bedridden Paddy Considine as King Viserys. The Hightowers have assumed control of the Council. With her father, Otto (Rhys Ifans), acting as the Hand of the King, Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) represents her husband at most meetings. On most court days, the Iron throne is kept toasty in the Hightowers.

This explains why Rhaenys told Rhaenyra that having her on their side in the Driftmark succession issue wouldn’t make a huge difference. While Rhaenyra insists she had nothing to do with Laenor’s death, Rhaenys has never forgiven her for the murder of her son (which is also technically true, as Laenor is not dead). Still, Rhaenyra begs Rhaenys to back her up when the time comes.

Viserys, who has shrunk and is on his deathbed, is introduced to Rhaenyra and Daemon. Viserys, drugged out of his wits by a cocktail of remedies, has trouble recalling the identities of Daemon and Rhaenyra. Yet he is aware of it. For the sake of her children, Rhaenyra begs him to stand with her. One of the show’s high points occurs when an elderly and weak Viserys takes Otto’s place in the King’s court.

With Daemon’s aid, of course (another great touch). Without a doubt, Otto would have decided in favour of Vaemond, so legally labeled Jacaerys (Harry Collett) and Lucerys as bastards. Fortunately, Viserys arrives in time to save Rhaenyra.

He declares that Lord Corlys’s wish for Lucerys to remain the heir will be honored, and he reiterates that any attempt to cast disrepute on the nobility due to his grandchildren’s birth will not be tolerated.

So, Viserys follows suit. Vaemond loses it in front of the whole court, calling them bastards and referring to Rhaenyra as a “whore.” When Vaemond offered his tongue, Viserys was about to ask to steal it. However, Daemon cut Vaemond in half by severing his head.

The Dragon Children

Viserys plan a family dinner for everyone. Viserys, like always, hopes that they can continue to work together. Inspired by her dying father’s passionate plea, Rhaenyra extends an olive branch to Queen Alicent as well. Alicent, unable to completely disregard her husband, decided to befriend Rhaenyra as well.

Although the grownups take the initial step toward making amends, the youngsters only serve to fan the flames. Identical to what happened back in 2012, so six years ago. For the most part, Jacaerys was unfazed by Aegon’s (Tom Glynn-Carney) taunts, but when Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) referred to him and his brother, Lucerys, as “Strong” lads, Jacaerys snapped.

Due to the presence of the adults, notably Daemon, a fight that broke out between the four teenage boys is quickly put out of its misery. When Daemon steps in between the boys, nobody dares take the lead.

Recap of Episode 8 From Season 1 Of House Of The Dragon:

Lord Varys’s words to Tyrion Lannister in “Game of Thrones” are among the series’ most quotable lines. As the saying goes, “A small man’s shadow is quite enormous.” It serves to emphasize that a person’s value cannot be gauged by external standards. If we believe Paddy Considine’s portrayal of King Viserys, we might conclude that it is quite short in running time.

Many significant figures will undoubtedly be involved once the actual “dance of dragons” begins. He has not participated in any wars, as Viserys admits. Nothing has been won by him. He has pondered his significance in history on numerous occasions. Nonetheless, Viserys would make an indelible mark on the history of the Seven Kingdoms and the House of the Dragon.

He has shown more compassion than any other king in the series. The credit for this achievement must be given to Paddy Considine. Considine’s portrayal of Viserys from the start has been sympathetic; the character is divided between duty and love; he is strong but not brash. The final defense of his daughter in front of the King’s court was the pinnacle of the ordeal.

Fans of any TV show can agree that Viserys has given them one of the best moments of the series. The inconsistency of the recasting is now the sole noticeable flaw with HotD. The kids are another group of recast characters. Some characters, though, like Matt Smith’s Daemon and Fabien Frankel’s Ser Criston, haven’t aged a bit in over sixteen years. These discrepancies are becoming increasingly evident. You may also read Fallout New Vegas Release Date

House Of The Dragon SEASON 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Aemond witnesses Lucerys smiling as a fully roasted pig is served to him just before he and Jacaerys get into a fight. It was obvious to Aemond, the current rider of Westeros’s largest dragon Vhagar, why Lucerys was grinning.

There’s no denying that when the Velaryon brothers presented Aemond with a pig with improvised wings and called it a dragon, Lucerys was reminded of the times she and Aegon had made fun of Aemond for not having a dragon of his own.

Aemond toasts Jacaerys and Lucerys with a glass. Although he does praise their strength. It is Aemond’s way of teasing the two sons of the Rhaenyra, given that their biological father was the late Harwin Strong. To cleverly refer to the boys as bastards.

What Happened To Viserys?

Yes. Viserys’ milk of the poppy is brought to him by Queen Alicent after dinner. Viserys mistakes her for Rhaenyra. The night before, Rhaenyra had asked Viserys if he still believed in the prophecy of A Song of Ice and Fire. After considering Alicent Rhaenyra, Viserys declares that he agrees with Aegon.

He appeals to Alicent’s sense of national unity by describing the future king who has been promised to him. Because Alicent was unaware of Aegon’s prediction. This must have fooled her into thinking Viserys was referring to her eldest child, Aegon.

Surely now she believes Viserys wants Aegon to rule because he can fulfill his role as the “Prince that was promised.” As it turns out, Viserys was referring to the original Aegon, and Rhaenyra was supposed to be the Targaryen who would unite the realm.

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