Homeworld 3 Release Date: Trailer, And Gameplay

Since its debut in 1999, the real-time strategy sci-fi series “Homeworld” has captured gamers’ attention. The strategy game “Homeworld,” which received a “Must-Play” rating from Metacritic for its unique gameplay, a broad selection of spacecraft, and amazing visuals, flipped the genre on its head. The creator that created the IP, Relic Entertainment, released two games after that, along with a numbered sequel in 2003.

Despite many ownership changes, the franchise saw a comeback in 2016 with the release of “Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak,” a prequel to the first game. “Deserts of Kharak” scored a solid Metacritic score of 79 despite not being as highly regarded as its predecessor, reviving interest in the previously moribund franchise. With the prequel’s rights now in their hands, Gearbox Software (“Borderlands,” “Brother in Arms”) announced “Homeworld 3” for release in 2019,  to the pleasure of fans. Here is what we currently know about the RTS.

Even more, fans may reserve an investment in a security of Fig Publishing, Inc. for $500/share and “get returns depending on revenues obtained by Fig Publishing for the sales of Homeworld 3 if and when the game is completed and commercially published.”
Rob Cunningham, the original art director for Homeworld, formed Blackbird Interactive, which will also be supporting Homeworld 3. This partnership appears to make sense given that both businesses previously collaborated on Homeworld Remastered Collection (2015) and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (2016). “Gearbox gives Homeworld the respect it deserves in this stunning refitting of Relic’s classic RTS titles,” we said in our assessment of the Homeworld Remasted Collection.

Homeworld 3 Concept Art

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a rich, thrilling, and varied RTS with all the essential tools, as we noted in our review of the precursor game. Homeworld 3 will take up immediately after Homeworld 2 and offer multiplayer possibilities in addition to “best-in-class fleet warfare in fully-3D space.” Even so, nothing else is known, Blackbird Interactive has hinted “A new age of space travel has started with the opening of the Hyperspace gates. The remainder is still to come.”

What Is The Homeworld 3 Release Date?

Gearbox started an official Fig campaign to raise money for the creation of “Homeworld 3” as part of the game’s unveiling. According to the CEO of the campaign’s creator Blackbird Interactive, Rob Cunningham, the campaign exceeded its funding target by more than $1,500,000, setting a record for the greatest “average Fig campaign donation” the platform has ever seen.

Along with establishing a timeframe for the project’s development, Blackbird has kept funders informed of the team’s accomplishments over the years. According to that roadmap, “Homeworld 3” is still in the production stage, with the following stages planned: alpha, beta, release candidate, and launch.

Gearbox and Blackbird have given potential gamers a launch date even though the sequel hasn’t entered testing yet. Homeworld 3 will be out somewhere in Q4 2022, so you should be able to purchase it between October and December of this year, according to the official website. Even though the fundraising campaign is over, you may still pre-order the sequel on Fig or put it on your Steam Wishlist. Pre-ordering the game on Fig also entitles you to early access to “Homeworld Mobile” and access to the supporter-only Discord.

Is There A Trailer For Homeworld 3?

An announce trailer and a gameplay first look trailer for “Homeworld 3” have both been released by Gearbox. The first made its premiere in 2019, while the second appeared at The Game Awards in 2021. Both games have a two-minute playtime and showcase what players may look forward to from the real-time strategy game.

The Announce Trailer depicts a recon squad made up of three spacecraft and is enhanced by ominous sound effects and expansive views of its extraplanar surroundings. The pilots exchange words as their craft draw near to a luminous quantum leap gate. Fans will probably know the lady in the brief pictures as Karan S’jet from “Homeworld” and “Homeworld 2,” who is hooked to several tubes and appears to be floating in a chamber. The “Homeworld 3” logo then appears.

A similar mood is provided in the Gameplay First Look Trailer, which also includes comprehensive images of numerous of the game’s settings. Additionally, viewers get many additional glances of Karan, the woman from the Announce Trailer, as well as a good look at the new and returning ship designs.

Homeworld 3 GamePlay

According to the official website, “real standalone game” events take place hundreds of years after “Homeworld 2.” By this time, Karan and her activities have become more myth than truth, despite the fact that she will be crucial to preventing the galaxy’s doom from the failing Hyperspace gates. The action in “Homeworld 3” promises to be more intense than ever before, upholding the history of the franchise. Expect 3D terrains, brand-new landscapes, and space warfare that exceeds the most epic “Star Wars” engagements.

Additionally, new elements have been added by Blackbird Interactive to “deepen the series’ captivating tactical gameplay.” A “co-op option with a roguelike twist” is included on the list, along with fully realistic ballistics, permanent fleets and ship scars, battlefield communication including important information, 1v1 team combat against AI or human opponents, and battlefield communication. Players will have to deal with hazardous situations and environmental features like particle storms in addition to opponents during fleet warfare.

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