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Hellraiser 2022 Release Date: Is It Streaming Yet?

Hellraiser 2022 Release date: Hellraiser was created by Clive Barker in 1987 and has been a successful series ever since. Poster Pinhead’s scowl made it seem like another spooky slasher flick, but the original was a brief, unrepeatable display of sadomasochistic craziness.

There are nine sequels to it, but only two are worth your time: Hellbound: Hellraiser II, which is more of a horror adventure than the original, and Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, which marks the series’ first foray into bargain-bin obscurity but also features one of the greatest Cenobites, CD.

Regardless of whether you liked the sequels, they proved that whatever misery the Lament Configuration caused is destined to be repeated and that Hellraiser will be back in theatres later this year.


When Will Hellraiser Be Released In 2022?

October 7, 2022, is the premiere date for the Hellraiser remake. Hulu is the first U.S. streaming service to air Hellraiser. Distribution plans in the U.K. have not been announced as of this writing. Despite widespread speculation that it will debut on Disney+, that service has decided against carrying it.

Hellraiser 2022 Trailer

Hellraiser 2022 Cast

Jamie Clayton, known for his roles on Sense8 and Designated Survivor, will play Pinhead in the next Hellraiser. Doug Bradley, who originated the legendary character, exited the franchise after Hellraiser: Hellworld. In addition to Clayton, the cast includes Odessa A’zion (in the part of Riley), Brandon Flynn, Goran Visnjic, Drew Starkey, Adam Faison, Aoife Hinds, Selina Lo, and Hiam Abbass (in a mystery role).

No new Cenobites have been unveiled as of yet, though The Mask was recently discovered. According to Bruckner’s comments in Entertainment Weekly, “The Mask is one of my favorite Cenobites, and it’s just a preview of truly what’s to come as far as the Cenobites are concerned.”

Where Will The Story Go In Hellraiser 2022?

In this reinvention of Clive Barker’s groundbreaking Hellraiser trilogy, a young lady must face the brutal, demonic forces hiding behind an intriguing puzzle box that she believes is responsible for her brother’s abduction. The Lament Configuration, a puzzle box, is the key to unlocking the secrets of Hellraiser, and I’ll explain how it works in this brief synopsis.

When finished, it grants access to a domain beyond pain and pleasure, inhabited by extraterrestrial beings specializing in agony called Cenobites. Travelers to the furthest reaches of human existence. Some people’s demons are other people’s angels, as Pinhead puts it. Barring Pinhead’s presence, plot specifics are scant.

Barker said that the new film would be a “homage” to the original but would be larger than life. Having seen some of David Bruckner’s upcoming Hellraiser film’s concepts, he noted (via Variety) that they pay tribute to what the first picture produced while also taking it to areas it’s never gone. I didn’t anticipate a Hellraiser of this magnitude.

David and his team are well-versed in the legends surrounding the story, but what gets me is their commitment to staying faithful to the source material while also bringing the story into the 21st century. An earlier interview with Bloody Disgusting revealed that Goyer, who worked on The Dark Knight trilogy, praised the film as “terrifying and wonderful” with “jaw-dropping” Cenobites.

What About A Hellraiser Sequel?

While Bruckner’s involvement in Hellraiser 2 hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing, he is eager to return for a third installment. “If the movie gods and the fans approve, I think that would be fantastic,” he remarked. It might be a guy in a mask, but it’s not; it’s inter-dimensional demons that shoot chains at you from an endless maze.

“Hellraiser is a unique challenge, I think, for a group of filmmakers. It’s difficult, not just intellectually but in terms of execution. We picked up a lot of new skills over this process, and I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that. It’s easy to fantasize that we’d have a firm grasp on it in the future, provided there was sufficient interest and effort.

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