Halloween Ends Ending Explained: Did Laurie Strode Finally Defeat Michael Myers?

Halloween Ends Ending Explained: Halloween Ends (2022) is the final installment in the franchise’s reboot trilogy. Its euphoric conclusion comes as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) lets her particular evil die. Set four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie and Allyson are now living together and trying to cope with the trauma of Michael’s final rampage.

Allyson, meanwhile, falls in love with Corey Cunningham, the town’s new outcast, after he was falsely convicted of killing the boy, he was babysitting three years ago. As further tragedies occur in Michael’s absence, Halloween Ends poses a crucial question about the franchise by establishing Corey as the new Boogeyman.

Can evil be prevented before it ever starts, or does it have to be nurtured? After four years of hiding, Michael Myers reappears as the original Boogeyman in Halloween Ends after Corey is shoved down a bridge by a bunch of bullies. Michael takes Corey to his sewer-based hideout, where he plans to kill him before confronting the man about his past wrongdoing.

After Corey, the new character introduced in Halloween Ends, undergoes his metamorphosis, he goes on a murdering spree of his own, further alienating Allyson from Laurie. But Laurie and Allyson join together to murder Michael Myers and end the evil in Haddonfield once and for all, allowing them to put their grief and anguish to rest finally.

While the conclusion of Halloween Ends makes it clear that evil will live on in the Halloween universe, it would appear that Laurie Strode’s Boogeyman has been exorcised.


What Happens At The End Of Halloween Ends?

The last act of Halloween Ends occurs on Halloween night when Corey puts on Michael Myers’ mask and murders the people of Haddonfield who had previously terrorized him. Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Halloween persona shoots the new Boogeyman down the stairs as Laurie Strode fakes her suicide and calls the police to bring Corey to her house.

Of course, Corey survives and eventually stabs himself in the throat to frame Laurie for his murder since, in his mind, if he can’t have Allyson, then nobody can. Allyson shows in and keeps blaming Laurie for Michael Myers’ deeds, saying that Laurie may be the source of the evil that draws the killer. Corey fakes his death by stabbing himself in the back, only to be murdered by Michael when the latter returns for his mask.

After a brief battle, Laurie subdues Michael by pinning his hands to the counter with knives and then crushing his legs with her refrigerator. While Michael Myers bleeds to death, Allyson calmly watches as Laurie, with Allyson’s help, slits his throat and wrists. The citizens of Haddonfield relieved that the threat posed by Michael has been eliminated, gather at the scrapyard after Frank and the police have arrived to watch as Laurie tosses Michael’s body into an industrial shredder.

The movie Halloween Ends begins with Allyson leaving Haddonfield and Laurie finishing her memoir, in which she writes that “evil doesn’t die, it changes shape” (a reference to Michael Myers’s original moniker, “The Shape”).

Why Corey Turned Into Michael Myers?

By donning the Michael Myers mask, mechanic clothes, and intimidating demeanor, Corey was meant to demonstrate that “Michael Myers” is the embodiment of evil, in line with Laurie’s observation that evil merely takes on new forms.

It doesn’t matter if Michael Myers or Corey Cunningham is “The Shape;” either term describes the appearance of a person who has been entirely corrupted by evil. At the End of Halloween, Michael, the embodiment of evil, looked into Corey’s eyes and saw promise.

Michael needed a fresh, younger form to adopt to feed on another since he was getting weaker as Laurie began releasing her past and worked through her grief and anguish. Corey and Allyson could have lived a pretty everyday life, but Corey gave in to the darkness within him and the town’s hysteria, which branded him a monster.

Why Laurie Was Finally Able To Kill Michael In Halloween Ends?

After several failed attempts since the original Halloween film in 1978, Laurie Strode ultimately succeeds in killing Michael Myers in Halloween Ends. Because Michael was the embodiment of her insatiable terror, sadness, and trauma, he would remain alive and well until she could release him.

In addition, Laurie had spent the previous years bearing the brunt of the blame for Michael’s violence, with many in Haddonfield claiming that Laurie had invited Michael back for the express purpose of provoking him to kill and destroy. Had Michael never died, Haddonfield would have needed another physical figure to blame, and the still-living Laurie Strode would have been an appropriate pariah.

As depicted in Halloween Ends, the villagers of Haddonfield essentially made Corey Cunningham into a new Michael and did the same to Laurie. Even though it’s ridiculous to hold Laurie responsible for Michael’s killings, the implication is that Laurie’s inability to control her anxiety and trauma has consequences for everyone around her.

Ultimately, Laurie’s daughter, son-in-law, friends, and neighbors suffer because of her crippling dread. The overwhelming force of Michael’s influence could be washed away from Haddonfield if Laurie could face the evils within herself that Michael’s wicked activities had brought on. Halloween Ends suggests that Laurie may find love with Frank Hawkins now that she is free from Michael’s evil influence. Apart from this, you may also read the Top 5 series.

Why Laurie Survives The Ending Of Halloween Ends?

In Halloween, Laurie and Michael form a dyad in which they mutually influence one another; Michael relies on Laurie’s anxiety to keep him alive, so the “suicide” label isn’t entirely off base. In the final moments of Halloween Ends, Laurie slits Michael’s wrists, severing the part of herself that was ultimately led and devoured by the horror he caused.

It was possible to wrap up the Halloween series without requiring Laurie’s death by having her vanquish the Boogeyman. The all-consuming force of evil and dread would have prevailed even if Michael and Laurie hadn’t died after Halloween ended. The fact that Laurie survives in Halloween Ends instead turns her story into a rousing example of overcoming tragedy.

Is Michael Myers Dead In Halloween Ends?

Michael Myers has been shot, stabbed, flung from windows, set on fire, beaten, and run over so many times in the Halloween series that fans have naturally wondered if he is immortal. The conclusion of Halloween Ends provides the definitive solution to this question. The Haddonfield man who, on Halloween night in 1963, murdered his sister, Michael Myers, is no longer with us.

However, the symbol he represents will remain with us forever. All that is evil only morphs into something else. However, as Michael’s death ends Laurie’s wickedness on a personal level, this is a story about Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. After 44 years of suffering, she finally sent Michael’s body through the shredder, taking the evil growing inside her alongside his image and memory.

Despite the death of the flesh-and-blood Michael Myers who haunted Laurie Strode and Haddonfield since 1978, the intelligent “Michael Myers” lives on. Evil has no face, but Michael Myers gives it a look in the form of a terrifying villain. Whether “evil” is Michael Myers or Corey Cunningham, it manifests the same way, inspires the same level of terror, and may destroy its victims just as thoroughly.

The capital “B” Boogeyman may have been put to rest, but Michael Myers lives on. When the residents of Haddonfield need a common enemy to rally around and focus their collective anxiety on, another Michael Myers will emerge. Along with this, you can also read The Watcher Netflix Release Date.

What The Ending Of Halloween Ends Means?

The final moments of Halloween Ends serve as a cathartic and communal cleaning of the pain and anguish that have shaped the identity of Haddonfield, Illinois, for so long. It wasn’t just Michael’s knife that infected Haddonfield; evil spread from within as hysteria swept over the town. Now that Michael Myers is dead, the people of Haddonfield are determined not to let their lives be dictated by their fear of the Boogeyman.

The final line in Halloween Ends, written by Laurie, is “evil doesn’t die, it changes shape,” implying that while Haddonfield might move on and heal, evil may return in the future, albeit not in the form of Michael Myers. Haddonfield and Laurie will struggle to stop such horrors from becoming internalized and persisting again, as this led to far more tragedies than Michael’s rampages.

Is Halloween Ends The End Of The Franchise?

With Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee Curtis’ run as Laurie Strode and the franchise’s reboot trilogy comes close. Because of director John Carpenter’s relatively forthright opinion that the Halloween franchise would be around as long as it continues to make money, it’s highly improbable that this is the last of Michael Myers.

The story of Laurie Strode and the original Michael Myers appears to be over by the end of Halloween Ends. For the last time, Jamie Lee Curtis will appear as Laurie Strode, whose unending struggle against Michael Myers has defined the franchise’s core. Although the events depicted in Halloween Ends have concluded, there is always the possibility that the franchise will be reimagined in a different light.

Given that Corey Cunningham, in Halloween Ends, effectively becomes Michael Myers, it’s possible that even if the next Boogeyman isn’t the genuine Michael Myers, his spirit may still prevail. At the end of Halloween Ends, Laurie has Michael Myers’ mask, but it might easily fall into the wrong hands.

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