GTA VI Release Date Status: When Is GTA 6 Coming Out?

What is the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6?

No official word about Grand Theft Auto 6 has been made public yet, and 2019 will mark a decade since the last major GTA release. However, that doesn’t prevent us or any other Grand Theft Auto leaker from speculating about when the game might appear. The issue of “when is GTA 6 coming out?” has been around for some time, so we’ve decided to provide an answer. This time, though, we have a concrete release date that meets practically all of our requirements. So, let’s investigate that question!

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What is the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6? (Updated August 2022)

There is currently no set date for the launch of Grand Theft Auto VI. However, we have reduced the possibilities down to a single release date or month based on multiple patterns and leaks.

Let’s look at when past key Rockstar Games games came out to get a sense of when GTA 6 might come out. You may have noticed that the majority of Rockstar Games’ key releases occur in the autumn. With the release of GTA 4 in April 2008, there is one notable departure. But ignoring that, we have four releases in the final two weeks of October and three in November. With that in mind, we anticipate seeing the release of GTA 6 in the waning months of the following years.

GTA VI Release Date: When Is GTA 6 Coming Out?
GTA VI Release Date: When Is GTA 6 Coming Out?

How Soon Is the Next Grand Theft Auto Game Coming Out?

Chris Klippel, a well-known GTA leaker, has provided the most solid information we have thus far regarding the release date of GTA VI. To recap, Klippel said back in March that Grand Theft Auto 6 wouldn’t be out until the latter part of 2024. Later, in a separate Twitter thread, Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg, echoed these sentiments, saying that he too anticipates a release in late 2024 or early 2025.

Based on these leaks and the game’s prior release schedule, we can safely assume that GTA 6 will launch in either October or November of 2024. Please note, however, that at this time there has been no official announcement, and that the data presented here is simply conjectural.

The release of Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled for Tuesday.

All Grand Theft Auto games since Vice City have been made available on a Tuesday. Even with GTA 6, there’s no need to deviate from the norm. In addition, our comprehensive GTA 6 guide states that the game is inspired by GTA Vice City. If Rockstar Games is serious about acknowledging the influence of the first Grand Theft Auto game on subsequent entries in the series, then the optimal date for the release of GTA 6 would be October 29, 2024.

This Tuesday marks the 22nd anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In addition, it fits neatly within the range of dates that have been bandied about for the next Grand Theft Auto game. However, this is just conjecture.

GTA 6 Release Date Rumors

Thanks to this article, you are fully informed of when Grand Theft Auto VI will be available. The official release date has not yet been published by Rockstar Games, thus all the rumors and predictions could be right or slightly off. The official release date of Grand Theft Auto will be posted here as soon as it is announced, so be sure to bookmark this page. Whereas, when do you anticipate Grand Theft Auto 6?

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